Volvo car problems take different troubleshooting techniques to solve in many cases, although faults can lead to the Volvo corporation issuing a car recall in more extreme cases. The company and its cars can be found all over the world in different markets, which includes the United States, but the brand started life in Sweden and is owned by a company in China at the time of writing.


There’s multiple issues that can lead to Volvo car recalls and these include car alarm faults to fire risks. In the past, we have seen Volvo recalls over a wiring harness, steering concerns, fuel starvation problems, and potential power seat flaws.

You can keep up with the latest Volvo USA car recalls by following status updates left by Car Recalls readers, or reach out to customer service and official recall news sources to the right of this page. Feel free to get involved in discussions and track patterns related to problems, which might lead to future recalls.

Volvo Car Recalls insight up to October 2017

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  • Paul

    I’m fearful that now Volvo models are being built in China and sent to the U.S., this could lead to an increase in problems, which in turn could see more recalls.

  • Desmond

    My 2014 Volvo S60 still has issues, even after the software was updated. Am I the only one?

  • Karl

    I see that the worst reported problems for any Volvo vehicle is the total transmission failure in the 2001 V70.

    • karie

      I have a 2001 s80 and my transmission just went out. the vehicle only has 140,000 miles on it,

  • Derick

    One of the keys on my 2005 S40 seems to have developed a fault where I have to press the button at least three times before wit will lock and unlock the car. Is this a common fault, and if so what is the remedy? By the way, I have changed the battery for a new one.

  • Brett

    Think it is about time other carmakers took a leaf out of Volvo’s books, as their recalls seem few and far between.

  • Liam

    My 2012 Volvo V60 estate has developed strange rattles/bumps, which is a case for concern. Does anyone have any ideas?

  • Jack

    Every time i reset my ECU on my 1997 850 model by disconnecting negative battery cable, the vehicle than suffers with its fuel mixture, as black smoke can be seen coming from the exhaust.rom the exhaust.

  • Desmond

    The aux belt on my 850 started to grind following a bearing failure, so after buying the complete kit I just cannot get the belt to fit.

  • Andrew

    Why is it that my V60 keeps intermittently stalling?

  • Desmond

    My 2009 V50 2.0 D starts on the button when it is war, although this is a very different story when cold. When trying to start when cold it send out a huge puff of smoke and can often backfire.

  • Dave

    The cruise control sensor on my 2006 Volvo V60 has failed what sort of price am I looking at to be replaced?

  • Barry

    While closing the roof on my 2008 C70 one
    side did not lock correctly. It does seem as though the driver’s side window winder
    mechanism is to blame because it will not lower when it is supposed to. Is it
    an expensive part to fix?

  • Martin

    My Volvo XC90 is only four years old, yet the leather seats are already wearing far too much for my liking. The seats have now started to flake and while Volvo repealed the seats with no hassle, I have to wonder if the same problem will arrise, as the same quality leather has been used?

  • Jane

    The airbag on my 1994 Volvo 940 deployed for no reason while I was parked up. While the airbag did knock me out, I was unharmed, and just thankful my child was not in the car at the time. I know it is a very old car, and should have gotten the car serviced long ago, so just posting this just to warn others.

  • Hayley

    I think the master cylinder on my 2008 Volvo XC70 is leaking. Do you know if the seals can still be repaired like you could back in the day, or whether I have to buy a whole new part now?

  • James

    My 1986 Volvo 244DL just shuts off randomly. I think it is a full issue, so could it be a faulty fuel pump, or dirt in the tank?

  • Dave

    The radio illumination lights on my 2006 Volvo V70 have now stopped working. I have been told that this issue cannot be fixed, and so the entire unit needs to be replaced – surely this cannot be true?

  • Harry

    The gauges on my V40 works intermittently, sometimes the LCD numbers will work, then they won’t, and then the needles will stop working. However, a few days ago it all stopped working and will no longer come on.

  • Giles

    My 2004 Volvo S40 keeps stalling? After weeks of not knowing what it is, a friend finally told me that it was an electronic control module, and that it was part of a recall program – it seems this model slipped past the repair process.

  • Mel

    I recently purchased a 2013 Volvo XC60, and wished that I did not, as it has been a pain pretty much since the day I bought it. The trunk does not come with al the equipment that it is meant to, and also the front door is unable to close correctly. There is also a strange noise coming from the front passenger wheel, and so with all those issues I contacted the deal I purchased the car from. They said they would remove all the issues, although I would have to pay 50 percent of the bill – how on earth is that fair?

  • Daryl

    My 1994 Volvo 940 has a very serious issue with its airbag system, as the airbags have gone off even though the car has not been in an accident, or the brakes not being slammed on hard. It’s happened a couple of times now where I would be driving down the road normally, and the airbags would deploy. I have since had the airbags and inflators replaced, yet this has happened a second time to me now.

    Please, could someone advise me on what to do because I do not want to get rid of the car, as she is like a part of our familiar with so many memories shared?

  • Jacob

    I think the engine on my 2014 Volvo XC60 has a serious issue, as she has only done 10,000 miles yet I have to add around 2 qts for every thousand miles or so. I have complained to the dealer about this because, we it just isn’t right, but as yet they have yet to do anything, surely they have a right to seeing as though the car is still in warranty?

  • Janice

    I have a 2007 Volvo S40 and the windows no longer work, and neither does the central locking. I have heard that this is a common fault, so wondered if this was ever recalled?

  • Richard

    I wanted to try and count the number of times my 1988 Volvo 740 has stalled, but have lost count. I have really come to the end and feel like just getting rid of the car. I know it is not worth much to most people, but to me it has been part of my life for 27 years. The issue that i am having is that the car keeps stalling while driving, and I have tried al the basics, but with no success – please help before i complete give up with it.

  • Oliver

    I cannot understand why after 5 years I am having the transmission for my Volvo S40 replaced? This is the first time in all the years I have been a driver that a transmission has failed after such a short period, and my mechanic is also confused as well. Does anyone know if these models had any sort of fault that cause transmission failure?

  • Neil

    I’m not happy that the fuel pump has gone on my 2010 Volvo XC60, as you do not expect something like this to go on a 5 year old car. The annoying thing is, the car is now out of its warranty, and so now having to pay for the replacement myself. What makes matters worse, is that labour took a long time, and so doing the job myself was out of the question.

  • Simon

    Is there anyone else not happy with having to change the timing belt on their 2011 Volvo XC60 long before other models just because of certain climate conditions?

  • Devlin

    The engine in my 2003 Volvo V70 has stalled on many occasions now, one of which happened while traveling at 60 miles per hour. I was luckily able to bring the car to a stop safely, and then restart the engine. The engine has now stalled on me several times, yet Volvo has been unable to find out what the cause is. I am now starting to think it is an intermittent sensor fault, but what one could be the cause?

  • David

    I have a feeling I have defective wheels on my 2007 Volvo V70 as they can no longer hold the air in their tires. I have not hit my wheels in any way, as they still look like new, and even though new tires are fitted, then keep going down.

  • Eric

    My Volvo V40 has suffered a transmission failure. I have since found out that it was not just a simple task of a fluid change, but much worse. The dealer told be that the radirot had leaked into the transmission, which I have to wonder how that happens. I am now wondering who will foot the bill, as it is clearly a fault with the car itself?

  • Jerry

    I am at a loss as to why my Volvo XC60 steering sounds very loud when I turn the wheel. I have taken it back to the dealer, but they have been unable to find the problem. Has anyone else had such an issue.

  • Mike

    For some reason there is something draining the battery of my Lexus SC 430. I have now had to cage the battery twice, thinking they were faulty, but the issue keeps happening. I am now wondering if anyone is able to tell me what could cause such a thing?

  • Laura

    I think it is terrible that such a huge company like Volvo does not offer Bluetooth support in their 6-year-old cars for newer handsets. You would think that they would make this a huge priory seeing as though most driver’s have a smartphone now.

  • Molly

    There is a grinding/knocking noise when my Volvo C70 is on full steering lock. It has been doing it for a hill ow, but has not got any worse. A new steering column as fitted, yet the noise is still there.

  • Eric

    The Unlock feature on my Volvo XC90 is not working with the iPhone app. I only noticed this when I had left the car open, so went into the application to lock the doors and it said the doors were locked. However, when refreshing the app, it they says the doors are unlocked once again.

  • Terry

    There seems to be a great deal of wind noise in the driver’s ear of my 2005 Volvo S40. I have been told that paying out for front wind defectors can cure this problem. I would just like to know if this is true before I pay any money out?

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