Verified VW models included in the notifications

We know its been a tough old couple of weeks for Volkswagen, and the VW Group understands that people are not happy and want to be told right away of any developments. As a way to help worried owners out, the company has launched a new website to offer the public more details.

Verified VW models included in the notifications

Right away on the homepage you can see that they have verified the VW models included in the notifications, which should start going out to owners very soon. Speaking of those models, that list appears for you below.

You have to remember that the recall is not as large in the US as it is in Europe, where it will be a recall on a huge scale, although not as large as the Takata airbag issue.

VW recalls

Also on the website Volkswagen gives you all the rubbish about how the care for the environment and so forth. Take a look for yourself and let us know what you think.