Problems with Toyota?

Do you have problems with your Toyota car? Common issues include starting your vehicle, transmission defects, battery problems, and some extreme engine faults that could lead to Toyota car recalls.


This page allows owners of Toyota vehicles to leave complaints for our readers to share feedback on and offers contact details for official customer service.

We have seen gas/hybrid Camry and Avalon sedans recalled for a suspension arm problem, Takata airbag recalls on many vehicles, fire risks, and many of safety issues leading to cars being returned for a fix.

Find out if your car is included in a recent Toyota recall by using the VIN search and social channels on this page, as well as official recall news below. Also, detail problems with your Toyota and join in debate.

Toyota Car Recalls insight up to October 2017

If there's been Toyota car recalls in 2017, then customer reports will be found below.

Problems with Toyota? Share with Car Recalls readers:

  • Mandy

    Seems like my 2012 Toyota Avalon is part of this latest recall to do with a wiring issue that could lead to a possible fire.

  • Carol

    The speedo on my Toyota Camry SV40 manages to reach 40 kph, which then causes a problem with its gear shifting.

  • Denzel

    is it right that my 5.7-liter Toyota tundra races to 1000 rpm for a minute when first started cold, and then goes back down to normal?

  • Dale

    Seems I have one of those FJ Cruiser’s that will need to be recalled to have its steering fixed.

  • Justin

    There seems to be an issue with the accelerator on my 2002 Toyota Avenis 1.6 especially when cold. For some reason the accelerator jumps while changing gears, with the revs climbing to around 6,000rpm for several seconds. What could be the cause?

  • Steve

    I have a Toyota Camry Hybrid and recently experienced Check VSC System, which I know is to do with its batteries. I’ve been told it will cost $4,457 to replace, although a few forums say you can fix this with vinegar and baking soda, but surely this is very dangerous?

  • John

    Why does my 2010 Toyota Prius have excessive oil use, especially as I have the car serviced every 10,000 miles?

  • Laura

    If you do not pull the sliding door hard enough on my 2011 Toyota Sienna, the doors will only open part way. Is this a common issue, and if so what can I do to resolve this problem?

  • Ally

    Why would my 2007 Toyota Camry use an excessive amount of oil, and I have also heard this is an issue with the 2008 and 2009 models as well.

  • Maddy

    My 2014 Toyota Sienna has developed a very strange rattle from the third row seats. The dealer has tried several times to resolve the issue, but with no success. Has anyone else had the same issue, and if so were you able to fix it?

  • Carlos

    I have a problem with my 1996 Toyota Supra, the car seems to lack overall power. I have done a compression test, and also looked for vacuum issues, but all is fine. What am I missing?

  • Dale

    The warning alarm on my 2012 Toyota Corolla for various things such as the seat beat, door locks etc has stopped worked. Is this a simple case of a fuse, or something more expensive?

  • Jenny

    Why do the headlights on my Toyota Land Cruiser shake while driving? It can become very annoying after a while and takes my concentration.

  • Laura

    The built-in ramp on my Toyota Sienna keeps getting stuck, and there are time when it tries to open on its own while driving down a road.

  • Lewis

    There is a strange winning noise from the steering in my 2013 Toyota Tacoma. However, this only happens when the truck is started and then turned off – while driving there is no noise.

  • Ray

    Has anyone else noticed that the oil consumption on their 2009 Toyota Matrix is excessive? All was fine before having a service done, but since then the oil light seems to come on every 500 miles or so, which means I now have to top the oil up alms as much as the fuel tank.

  • Vicky

    I have loved my 2006 Toyota Solara soft top convertible, but one day the back window became unplugged, and by the next day the window started falling out from the top, and the top only. I have been told by the dealer that it is the glue used on the window, although I would need to replace the entire shot top roof – surely there is a way to repair the window without such drastic measures.

  • Marion

    My 1996 Toyota Tarago now has almost 100,000 miles on the clock and has since started to splutter while driving. It had started to do it every so often, but now it is doing it all of the time. The feeling I get as though the vehicle is being starved of fuel, and at times can jerk really bad – please help.

  • Farah

    The roof rack molding on my 2013 Toyota Rav4 has come loose, and before you ask, I have not taken the vehicle through a car wash. It just keeps popping out of the channel, and no matter how many times I pop it back it, it comes right back out again.

  • Sue

    The check seatbelt light will not go out on my 2010 Toyota Avensis. I am now worried that the airbag will not deploy if in an accident. I just wondered if this was part of the massive airbag recall, or am i looking at a bill to get the issue fixed, and if so what could it actually be?

  • Jules

    The middle seat of the middle row in my 2013 Toyota Highlander keeps falling forward while braking. I have taken the vehicle back to the dealer several times, where they said it was my problem, as I did not now how to work it. What I found funny was the fact that when they tried to show me how to do it, the set would only latch 3 out of the 10 times, so that tells me something is wrong.

  • Adam

    I,m having issues with the moon roof on my 2008 Toyota Sequoia Moon Roof, is it oof closes up 1-2 inches all by itself and will keep going until it is open all the way until it is fully open. This does not happen the time, and so am confused as to why this is.

  • Sofia

    For some reason when I am driving the engine on my 2011 Toyota Highlander will stall for several seconds, and then will kick in once again. This is very scary because the car loses its power, which can be very dangerous. This has happened a handful of times, yet the never when the dealer has taken a look at the vehicle. Is this an issue that has happened to any of you, and if so what is the solution?

  • Alison

    I am having issues with the headlights on my 2013 Toyota Highlander Hybrid, as they have this shaded area and so makes it difficult to see past the beam. This becomes more of an issue when driving up hills; should I raise the headlights, or is this a bigger issue that needs to be looked at?

  • Doug

    I cannot understand that my 2012 Toyota Innova has only done around 40,000 miles, but two of the shock absorbers are leaking. My warranty has not that long run out, which is very bad timing. I had assumed that Toyota use good parts, but obviously I have the exception. Should I argue the point, or just pay for the replacement parts?

  • Jules

    The alarm on my 2008 Toyota Highlander keeps going off on its own, and while I have now told the dealer several times, they said they have been unable to found the fault because it has not happened for them while they had the vehicle. Try telling my neighbors that, as they are starting to get very annoyed with me.

  • Manny

    What a coincidence that both door handles on my 1999 Toyota tercel came off within a couple of days of each other. I have tried so many dealership to replace these handles, but I have had no such as of you – what would you suggest?

  • Morris

    The engine in my 2001 Toyota Land Cruisers keeps stoping without warning, which can be very dangerous. Thankfully, Toyota knew this to be a fault and actually changed the engine, yet the issue has returned once again.

  • Andy

    Why is it that the brake warning light on my Toyota Sequoia keeps coming on intermittently? I can make it go out, but only after turning the car off and restarting; but then again, this will not happen all the time.

    I have been told that it is an error with the computer, and that it would take around $2,000 to repair, but I refuse to pay this and believe there is a cheaper way to resolve the issue, so any help would be welcome.

  • Jasper

    The A/C line at the bottom of my Toyota Land Cruiser are exposed on the bottom of van, and so feel there should be some sort of recall, as this is not right.

  • Eric

    My Toyota Camry while surge forward when braking while traveling between 30km – 50. I have since taken it back to the dealer, but they reckon it is meant to do this – surely not?

  • Mandy

    My Toyota Tacoma is always kept clean and I always use a good quality wax, yet the paint on the hood and started to chip, which was caused by bird poo, which was quickly cleaned off. Surely this should not happen so easily, as it has just cost be almost a $1,000 for a complete respray on the hood.

  • Jenson

    The spare tire that was on the rear of my Toyota Sienna has fallen off, and my car was not al that old. However, Toyota said is what not their issue and so refuse to pay for a new spare, and also the small damage that was caused. Is this something that has happened to other owners in the past?

  • Josh

    I have a Toyota Sienna, and the engine has developed a rattle that seems to be getting louder as time goes on. I have been to the dealer several times, and they just say all is which – but clearly things are not.

  • Steve

    Help, my 2007 Toyota Camry seems to be buying its oil far too quickly. The thing is, it’s only been around 3,000 miles since the oil was changed – and yes, it was good quality oil.

  • Hayley

    Oh dear, another Toyota recall to do with their Takata Airbags. It does make you wonder just when this will end, as it’s been going on for years now.

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