Toyota recalls RAV4 years 2009-2014 this November

Oh dear, another month, and another Toyota recall, but what is more surprising is that this is not yet another airbag recall. According to the report, 423,500 RAV4 vehicles are affected by this recall, which is to being in November.

Toyota recalls RAV4 years 2009-2012

The Toyota RAV4 model years 2009-2012 will see 421,000 units recalled, and 2,500 2012-2014 RAV4 EV because of suffering from the same issue, and that is with their windshield wipers.

Autoblog reports that water could corrode the link between the motor crank and wiper over a period of time. There is a possibility that if this happens, the two could separate, and so the wipers could no longer work, making it very dangerous if driving in wet conditions at the time.

Toyota is to send out recall notices in November via email, where they will then fix the water channel between those two parts mentions above. Please head to our dedicated Toyota problems page to share any issues you have with your model.