Tesla Motors problems

Problems with Tesla Motors might be expected by those holding back on purchasing an electric vehicle, although this wouldn’t be the case if a recall is issued due to a widespread problem.


Tesla car recalls issued so far have included those for overheating Model S wall charger adapters and many years ago, we saw a recall for 439 Roadsters experiencing auxiliary cable issues. The latest news on recalls can be found below the user reports section on this page, although feel free to leave your Tesla motor problems as well.

We have seen Tesla owner concerns involving potential battery problems and fire risks, although the latter received direct action by the automaker thanks to fire shields being installed under the Model S. Headquartered in California, USA, you can reach service through online support channels listed to the right of this page.

Tesla Car Recalls insight up to October 2017

If there's been Tesla car recalls in 2017, then customer reports will be found below.

Problems with Tesla? Share with Car Recalls readers:

  • Damion

    It’s good to see that Tesla is wirelessly updating certain models to resolve problems, although it does worry me that they could just take over my vehicle as and when they wish.

  • Will

    After upgrading my Tesla Roadster suspension to Lotus parts, I recently hit a bump and now the car moves all over the place. However, the steering wheel still stays dead straight, is anyone aware of any geometry issues when upgrading to these parts?

  • Bob

    The GPS in my Model S still says I am driving in the middle of the ocean, even after several visits to the service center.

  • James

    I’m having issues with my Tesla Roadster, yet the company are unwilling to help. What are your thoughts on aftercare service?

  • Harvey

    Why am I only getting a fraction of the range I should get from my Model S, and no, I am not driving it like I stole it?

  • Josh

    Why is it that my Model S does not pick up speed like it is meant to, it just seems to start slowly and then all of a sudden i get a bolt of speed?

  • Nick

    How come the door handles on my 2013 Tesla Model S get rather hot? there have been times when it gets too hot to even touch.

  • David

    My 2013 Tesla Model S will not accelerate for some reason, instead all I heard was a loud noise from the rear and the car came to a complete stop. Before I contact Tesla, is there some setting or something that I have forgot to do?

  • Michael

    The main center screen on my 2014 Teslas Model S has gone blank on me. Is there an easy solution before I g through the process of contacting the dealer for what could be waiting several days or weeks to fit me in for repair?

  • Harry

    The center screen on my Tesla Model S has now gone blank, and I have only done 12,000 miles. Is this a common issue, and if so is it a quick fix?

  • Malc

    Has anyone else experienced an issue with the automatic-retracting door handles on their Tesla Model S, as there are times when they do not want to pop out to allow you to let yourself in. I have heard that similar issues have been fixed with an OTA update, is this true?

  • Marty

    I left my Model S plugged in to charge for the required time, yet it is not managing to keep hold of its charge for some reason. I have not bother contacting Tesla just yet, as just wanted to see if there was something I was doing wrong. is there some sort of procedure to follow, or a setting that needs to be changed on this electric vehicle?

  • John

    Has anyone else noticed that the tires Tesla use are extra soft, as I found this out only after about 8,000 mile of driving. I have now thought about going for a harder compound, but will this have an effect on the handling?

  • Dominic

    During the past few months my Tesla Model S has had serious issues with its GPS, it it would often freeze without warning at the most critical point. I have to often re-input the charging locations each time this happened, as fear of not be able to find a charging station in time.

  • Jack

    The large screen on my Tesla Model S center console has gone blank, which means I have lost most of the cars controls. I am unable to get to the dealer anytime soon, so does anyone know if tesla are able to cater to my busy schedule and even pick the car up for repair for me?

  • Jane

    Has anyone else had a glitch with the main touch control panel in their Tesla Model X? The issue I get is that sometimes the touchscreen does not register the inputs I am making right away. I just wondered it if was a known glitch, and that it requires an update or worse?

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