Specific 2015 Mercedes S550, S63 and S65 models recalled

We have bad news if you own one of the specific 2015 Mercedes S-Class models included in two separate recalls. Owners of the affected models will be contacted by Mercedes-Benz very soon detailing what the reason for the recall is, and also what they plan to do to resolve it.

Specific 2015 Mercedes S-Class models recalled

The first recall affects three models, and those are the Mercedes-Benz S550 4Matic, S63 4Matic, and the AMG S65 coupe. All of these are 2015 models, but were manufactured from January 27, 2014, to April 2, 2015. The reason why they are to be recalled is because their front seat belts were installed on the wrong side – yes something you would not expect.

As for the other recall, this includes just four 2015 S550 Hybrid vehicles because of an issue with their fuel pumps. There is the chance that they might not be able to restart the internal combustion engine when called upon. More details on both these recalls can be found on Autoblog.

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