Second recall for Mercedes CLS, E-class in February 2015

It was earlier this month when Mercedes-Benz had to issue a recall for 149,000 CLS-class and E-class models in China and Europe. Well, they have now issued a second recall for these models, although this has now spread across the Atlantic.

Second recall for Mercedes CLS in February 2015

The latest Mercedes CLS-class and E-class recall is for 149,000 vehicles in the U.S. for those model years 2013 to 2015. It’s the same fault as before, which is a faulty seal within the engine bay, as the rubber seal could fall off and land on the engine.

We all know that rubber and the heat from an engine do not mix too well, and so there is a risk of fire.

It’ s for this reason why the NHTSA is worried about this issue, and so has recalled these vehicles.

Owners are asked to contact MBUSA on 1-201-573-5339, where the recall is set to begin by the middle of March, 2015. Please share your Mercedes problems with our readers.