Second Jaguar F-Type recall over electrical issue under way

Towards the end of last year Jaguar had to issue a recall for its much-loved F-Type, and those recalls started on January 5th, or so we are led to believe. However, we presume the process is still ongoing because the car dealers would not be able to repair the models at risk in so quick.

Second Jaguar F-Type recall over electrical issue under way

The 2014-2015 F-TYPE manufactured August 31, 2012, to October 22, 2014 are all affected and we have already heard from a few readers that they have to wait a little longer in order for repairs to be made.

Just as a reminder, the Seatbelt Tension Sensor (STS) connector to the Occupant Classification Sensor Control Module (OCSCM) might not have been fitted correctly, meaning the front-passenger airbag cannot be turned off when needed, and so could activate if you have a child-seat fitted.

We can understand that this is very dangerous, and so we would advise you not to put a child or small adult in the front seat, just until Jaguar can fit the correct wire harness.

While Jaguar do not have as many recalls as the likes of Honda, we are certain you own one that has niggling problem, and so you can share those on this page.