Porsche stops Cayenne Diesel sales until engine issue resolved

Surely the VW Group are now having to consider selling off some of their assets in order to dig themselves out of this ever deepening hole they hare in? We say this because Porsche has now stopped all sales of the Cayenne Diesel that use the 3.0-liter TDI V6 engines.

Porsche stops Cayenne Diesel sales

This engine was implicated by the EPA a few days ago, and since then Volkswagen has said they will comply fully with the investigation. We see this as a very positive step because they do not want to be selling a type of vehicle that could possibly be recalled at a later date.

Audi was also mentioned, but as yet have not made any decision to stop selling those vehicles with that particular engine in.

Porsche has not really said much, just the fact they will not start selling these models until such time the issue has been resolved.

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