New Honda Accord airbag recall prevention

We highly doubt that we have seen the last of the car recalls associated with the Takata airbags, one Japanese automaker has made the tough decision to make certain there is not a repeat performance in the future. The next-generation Honda Accord is to do away with Takata airbags, and so reducing the chances of a new recall.

New next-generation Honda Accord airbag recall prevention

There will be other next-gen models that will also make use of airbags manufactured by a different company. This is a huge issue for Takata seeing as though Honda is the company’s largest customer and we are not sure they will be the last.

The Japanese government will not want Takata to fail and so we presume they will do their best to keep the company open. However, we are not certain if they will be able to do that for the long term.

We have a feeling that Takata is on borrowed time, and if you think Honda will change their minds, then think again, as Reuters reports that the 2016 CR-V and Odyssey will have airbags from Toyoda Gosei instead.

It is a very tough business out there, but if you make such a huge mistake like Takata, then you are going to pay the ultimate price. For other Honda related problems please visit our dedicated page.