Mitsubishi Mirage airbag recall for certain states

Mitsubishi is recalling 25,185 of their Mirage vehicles because of an issue with their airbags, but only for certain states.

Mitsubishi Mirage airbag recall for certain states

The affected models are those built from August 7, 2013, and September 2, 2015 and are models years 2014-2015. However, those affected Mitsubishi Mirage cars are only those that were sold or ever registered in states that use salt in order to melt ice on the road.

The full list of states can be found HERE, although they do include New York, Minnesota, Virginia, and Iowa.

So why the recall? When snow is mixed with the road salt, this can be tracked on boots and so could cause the wiring connector to short out behind the kick panel located near driver’s footrest. If this were to happen, then the airbag could not deploy quick enough.

Dealers are to inspect the electrical connectors, and any found to be corroded will have to be replaced, and also a waterproof sheet is to be fitted.