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Mercedes-Benz is marketed to the USA consumer and they will be included in recalls on occasion that can be tracked by VIN, NHTSA recall news, and also by following official Twitter and Facebook accounts. The auto brand is a division of Daimler AG with its luxury truck, coaches, buses, and of course cars receiving recognition worldwide.


We allow for Mercedes-Benz car problems to be left below, although feel free to also detail issues with other Mercedes vehicles like vans. This helps with finding your own solutions and replying to the status of owner complaints.

The Mercedes-Benz USA recalls have included those for potential fires, bad curtain airbags, suspension and air conditioning issues, loose molding, and potential accelerator entrapment. Look below to see some of the most common problems listed by Car Recalls readers and to join in debate, or see the latest Mercedes recall news and contact details for complaints.

Mercedes-Benz Car Recalls insight up to October 2017

If there's been Mercedes-Benz car recalls in 2017, then customer reports will be found below.

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  • Peter

    I have a 2007 Mercedes CD220 Sports Coupe, and every now and then i get a light on the dash warning my about the tempature of the water in the engine. The thing is, the needle on the dash says it is about 70, so could this mean the engine is running a little too cold?

  • Darren

    Mercedes recently told me they are aware of the bleeding seats, and that they are in the process of shipping replacement parts to dealers. One would presume that 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class owners should hear from their local dealers soon.

  • Graham

    My W202 C-Class seems to have developed an issue with its electric window, as every now and then it will go about a third of the way and stop. I have to then press the button again for it to go up the entire way.

  • Dawn

    Hi, could someone please help my. I have an 2000 A140 fully automatic 1.4, and since having an issue with allowing the vehicle to run out of fuel, it now just cranks and will not start. And yes, the car is now full of fuel.

  • Rachel

    I recently bought a 2000 fully automatic A140 as its battery keeps draining, and as such has now put the vehicle into limp mode. What can I do?

  • Dave

    For some reason my My Vito has developed a starting fault, as there is just a click from the starter motor, but nothing happens.

  • Gail

    My 2000 A140 has been put in some sort of limp mode since the barely had died and needed to be jump started. How do I reset this?

  • Omar

    There is an internal buzzing and a lot of rattles coming from the dash of my 2011 Mercedes GLK, but what the hell can it be?

  • Jennifer

    Once the dash on my 2002 Mercedes ML320 lights up the mileage goes to zero, and so you have no clue as to fast you are going. Has anyone else suffered the same problem?

  • Dale

    The cable on my convertible roof of my 2005 Mercedes CLK320 has become separated. I have been quoted more than $700 to repair the issue; is there anywhere cheaper?

  • Jerry

    How come the Eco system on my 2014 Mercedes GLK350 does not work all the time? I have taken it back to the dealer twice, and both times they say there are no computer coeds that show any issues. Does anyone out there know why the system would be playing up?

  • Alan

    Why is it that the fenders have started to crack on my 2002 Mercedes CL500. Ok, so the car is 13 years old, but this should not happen with a car that cost so much to buy new.

  • Paul

    The engine in my Mercedes R320 lacks power and has a strange smell as though something is burning.

  • Steve

    It’s now been three times that the camshaft on my 2008 Mercedes ML350 has failed. I just cannot understand why this keeps happening, it’s not as if I put the vehicle under too much stress.

  • George

    The check engine light in my 2006 Mercedes ML350. U turned the engine off and one and it got rid of the issue, but has since come back and will no longer go off. I have since been told that it could be the balance shaft at a cost of around $6,000, so if you are buying one of these models and see that light on, steer clear.

  • Zac

    For some reason my CL55 only blows out hot air, and the dealers believes that it is not an issue they are prepared to fix free of charge, even though this is a known issue with the 2006 model.

  • Grant

    Over the course of several months my 2002 Mercedes CLK430 has developed a few niggling electrical issues, which comes at a surprise considering how much this car would have cost to buy new. The driver’s seat no longer works, which is a real pain of when my wife needs to use the car, and also the clock and instrument panel thermometer do not work either. Before anyone asks, I have checked all fuses and they are all fine.

  • Aleysa

    The AC on my 2002 Mercedes CLK320 has worked pertly fine since I have had the car for the past 8 years. However, the AC would now decide to give up when the weather is still hot. The system had already been recharged during the last service, and so I am fearful that it could be something very expensive to fix.

  • Norm

    I just love my 1979 Mercedes 240D, as she has been so good to me over the years, and cannot even consider getting rid of her. However, the car has now become far harder to start in the mornings, even after changing the plugs and the battery. I have to jump start it every morning – please help.

  • Murphy

    How come my 1997 Mercedes C280 just dies for no reason, and takes a good 10-15 minutes for it to start again? This keeps happening and so can take a long time to get to where I need to go, hence why I have since stopped using the car until I can find a fix. I assumed at first that it was the alternator, but a test indicates that nothing is wrong.

  • Martin

    You don’t expect to pay $50,000 only for the seat shroud to fall of a 2005 Mercedes ML350. Ok, so I know the car is 10 years old, but I have seen cars like this go on for double that without any defeats like that.

  • Graham

    The engine on my 2005 Mercedes ML500 keeps cutting out, which was a real issue the other day seeing as though it happened at an intersection. I had it repaired around a month ago, but now the issue has come back to haunt us once again – what could be causing it?

  • Greg

    I have been told that the brake pads and rotors have got hot on my 2007 Mercedes C220 Cdi, and so have formed small cracks on the pads. I have only had these fitted two years ago, and done around 20,000 miles on them. I just do not understand, as they are also Mercedes parts.

  • Meryl

    My 2002 Mercedes CLK320 is having an issue with its central locking, because it keeps trying to unlock itself. The moment it unlocks, I then lock them, and when i go over a bump it keeps unlocking again.

  • Darnell

    I bought a second-hand Mercedes on the understanding that it would have lasting build quality – but I could not have been more wrong. The front seat frame has broke, and the car rattles more than an old school bus.

  • Dave

    My Mercedes-Benz ML320 brakes keep locking up, but only when driving at speed. There is first a loud screeching sound, and then it seems as tough all four wheels just lock up.

  • Owen

    You don’t expect to buy a car like the Mercedes S550, only for it to sound and run very rough when first started. It often takes several minutes for the engine to start running as smooth as it should. Is there any thing that I could look at that would not cost too much money to fix myself?

  • Dawn

    You would think that when you buy a Mercedes you would be getting quality and something very quiet while driving – how wrong I was. I say this because every time I drove my GLK 350 over 60 miles per hour the wind noise becomes very annoying. Although that is not the most annoying part, the dealers are. This is because I have now taken my vehicle back several times to the dealer and they said they have fixed it, yet not long after it goes bad again – what is going on?

  • Simon

    Has anyone been contacted about when the recalls will start because of the risk of fire on their Merc, as last I knew, we were meant to be informed in late March?

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