Common Kia problems

The majority of common Kia problems like starting your car won’t be covered under new recall notices, although that doesn’t mean your auto issues shouldn’t be shared with other owners. This page allows Kia car owners to leave complaints with others, or to locate the latest Kia car recalls for USA and global markets.


Kia Motors has announced recalls in most years with the past seeing the brand recall new Sorento cars for potential axle defects, other vehicles for rust in cold weather states, faulty brake switch problems, airbag issues, and more.

Reach out to Kia Twitter and Facebook pages for service, or use the official VIN lookup tool on this page. If you want to know about your model of Kia and if it’s involved in any recall, then the VIN search is perfect, but recent recall news can also be seen below. We would love to hear about any faults you are seeing right now with your Kia vehicle within the comments.

Kia Car Recalls insight up to October 2017

If there's been Kia car recalls in 2017, then customer reports will be found below.

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  • Jerry

    So not happy that my 2014 Forte sedans might be part of this new recall due to a faulty cooling fan resistor, which could cause the car to catch on fire. Just waiting to hear from Kia to see what the deal is.

  • Sarah

    Oh well, Kia will start to send out recall notices to 2010-2013 Kia Soul owners from tomorrow, and I already know that my model is to be recalled following a phone conversation earlier last month – great start to 2015.

  • Mary

    Has anyone else noticed a problem with the satellite radio signal on their 2014 Cadenza, the audio seems to drop intermittently?

  • Jennifer

    My 2014 Cadenza satellite radio has a problem acquiring a signal, it can often lose signal from 5 to 20 seconds at a time. Is this a common problem?

    • Neil

      Take it to your local dealer where they will perform a system update, this will be free of charge.

  • Tina

    The keyless entry system on my 2014 Cee’d GT Tech no longer works how it should. The closer I get to the car the lights and door mirror start to act strangely.

  • Justin

    Has anyone had a sticky brake caliper on the drivers side, but the way the car in question is a 2007 Cee’d?

  • Marlon

    Kia has recalled 12,000 2016 Sorento models due to an issue with its accelerator pedal.

  • Leroy

    Is it right that my clutch on my 2011 Sportage should have started to wear already, especially as its only done 36,000 miles?

  • Justin

    My 2014 Kia Soul seems to lack power once I go over 30 mph, even the dealer has no clue as to what would cause this, which fills me with confidence.

  • Justin

    Oh dear, for some reason my 2007 1.6 Kia CEED has a few problems; firstly the electric window will only go halfway down, the audio system has decided to play up, and the air con is not working how it should. Could all the things be related, or am I just unlucky?

  • Gav

    My 2015 Kia FORTE5 has developed a bit of a brake problem. They seem to rumble and not stop the way they should. I know the car is under warranty, just wondered if it was an easy fix, or if my car will be with the dealer for a while?

  • Molly

    Has anyone else noticed that their Kia has been painted two different shades. My 2012 Kia Optima has been painted two different blacks. Not on the panels, but on the bumper compared to the rest of the car. I am now wondering if this was an aftermarket repair, or Kia got it very wrong at the factory?

  • Leia

    The brakes on my 2012 Kia Picanto are fine while driving at low speeds, but when you head onto the highways and travel at higher speeds, slowing down can become a bit tricky, as though the brakes are not up to the job.

  • Mick

    My 2006 Kia Sedona has a broken front control arm, now I think this may have been part of a recall, but what is the best way to find this out?

    • Dave

      I just had one replaced on my 2006 sedona. They were supposed to have fixed it several years back but they did not clean it very good before they sprayed it. It rusted completely through and my mechanic found it right before we went on vacation.

  • Seb

    The engine on my 2010 Kia Rio5 has developed a random misfire. The SES light did come on just before this started to happen, and so had been exciting something. From the sound of it, the misfire is on 1 and 2 – so what could be the cause?

  • Verne

    Why does my 2014 Rio5 randomly misfire? It all started when the SES light came on and has become more frequent. Just for your information, the misfire is on cylinders 1 and 2.

  • Davidson

    I find it strange that you can only adjust the TOE setting son the front of the 2012 Kia Rodeo, and not to the rear. Having said that, it was very expensive to change the TOE setting due to excessive tire wear, so just glad I did not have to pay out for the rear to be adjusted as well.

  • Terry

    Why is it that the engine begins to play up on my 2014 Kia Sedona only when it is raining? I took it back to the dealer where I purchased the car from, and they said they could not find any problem. They then said it could be down to the wheels slipping in the rain, and so the ESC system backing the power off. If this is the case, then either the system is too sensitive, or the tires on the vehicle are not correct, in which case the dealer should replace free of charge.

  • Amelia

    Most cars I have owned before never had an issue with their Bluetooth system, but the same cannot be said for the Kia Optima Hybrid. I assumed that if I am in the middle of a call and then I get into my car it would automatically connect to the cars Bluetooth system. However, this does not happen, which is a real pain, which means I have to either cut the conversation short to connect it to the car, or I have to wait to finish the conversation.

    Is there any sort of setting I can change on the car in order for it to connect automatically 2013 Kia Optima Hybrid?

  • Logan

    The downshifts in my 2015 Kia Sorento seem to be a little jerky, which becomes very annoying after driving for more than 20 minutes. This happens every time I start to coast and the revs drop to around 1,000 RPM. Has anyone else experienced this issue, and if so is it an easy fix?

  • Charlie

    There seems to be far too much play in the steering of my 2014 Kia Cadenza, and it does not hold the road as well as it should. I have now asked Kia if they have a sign problem with this model, and they have yet to come back to me with an answer 2 months later.

  • Amber

    My 2010 Kia Optima transmission no longer works as smooth as it used to. Every time it has to downshift it feel very jerky, and so becomes rather annoying. It seems worse while driving slow, as it’s like the gears are banging when they change.I fear that this is starting to become very dangerous. Are there any suggestions, as to what it could be?

  • Michelle

    Does anyone else have the same issue as I have, which is where the power door on my 2010 Kia Sedona will just freeze in cold conditions? I have made certain that the door has been cleaned of any dirt and that the mechanical workings have been lubricated, yet this issue keeps happening.

  • Mike

    I am constantly having to correct the steering in my 2010 Kia Optima, as when driving down the road it just wants to wander all the time, and so have to work hard to keep it straight. The dealer has had the car and said there is nothing wrong, yet I am still suffering from this issue, so make some wonder if they actually bothered to look at all. Should I now demand they take another look, or should I just take it to a local garage?

  • Morris

    There seems to be far too much play with the steering on my 2014 Kia Cadenza, and this also means that it has very poor handling because the car just seems to wander across the road. The dealer just said that if it gets worse bring it back, but each time I do they come up with some sort of excuse.

    • Denise

      I too have a 2014 Kia Cadenza and it seems to be an issue for all of them. Although there are a lot of “pros” to the Cadenza, I have read and listened to several car reviews and this is always mentioned as a “con” to for this car. I love my car but I now live in the cold of Cleveland weather from Atlanta and I fear I am going to lose control of the car in the ice up here. They need to correct this issue before someone finds themselves in a ditch.

  • Larry

    I’m a bit confused, as every time I start my 2015 Kia K900 it jumps. I did take it back to the dealer, yet they were unable to find anything wrong – any suggestions?

  • Bet

    The engine on my 2008 Kia Optima keeps cutting out when cold, but once warm there are no problems and it runs just fine. What could be causing this?

  • Mel

    I am one of those drivers that hates the slightest noise while driving, and so you can imagine how annoying it is to have a Kia Sedona with a squeaking seatbelt? I have tried all sorts of things to stop the squeak, but none of them have worked. Is it easy for myself to change the seatbelt, or should I have the dealer do it?

  • Lilly

    In cold weather, such as now the button on my Kia Rondo door handles freeze up. this means I have been unable to use the buttons. This does seem silly to have a car that is affected like this in cold weather, unless I just have a poor example?

  • Joey

    The mirrors on my Kia Amanti have started to adjust on their own randomly. This has now happened about five times, and I am no closer to finding out what the cause is.

  • Meghan Whalen

    I have issues with my 2010 Kia Sedona in extreme cold weather. Any time the temp drops to the 20s (and below) there seems to be an electrical issue. Keep in mind, this usually happens overnight…the alarm will go off for no apparent reason, the windows (particularly the driver’s) will go down by themselves (even when locked), my key fob won’t lock/unlock or open the power doors, and sometimes when I first start driving I can hear the locks ‘locking’ within the doors (even though there is no movement on the actual door lock). Any suggestions? Last year I took it to be looked at by the dealership and they were stumped (actually looked at me like I was nuts, said they’d need to “see” it happen), nothing showed up in the diagnostics. I think it’s something electrical or having to do with moisture where it shouldn’t be…

  • Vixen

    Bought my 2016 Kia Forte December 7, 2015. Today, January 11, 2016 my rear doors will open only halfway. Yes it was -20 degrees and what an inconvenience this is. Read the manual and it does state below temperatures this will happen. I wish I had known this before purchasing this car.

  • Steve

    Bought a brand new Kia Soul 3 years ago, I’ve had problems with it starting in cold weather. For instance today it was -13, started fine, went to the gas station, still good. Stopped at the store and bought groceries, and it wouldn’t start, turns over fine. Called AAA, they came out, and it started fine, drove home, unpacked groceries, and went out to start it again, and it wouldn’t start, again. The engine turns over fine. Went back out an hour later, and it started right up. I’ve already had it at the dealership twice and they can’t find the problem. It’s been an ongoing problem since the first winter I had it. My old 1993 Ford Festiva that I drove for 20 years started right up every time no matter how cold it was right up until I sold it. Really disappointing, I need reliable transportation.

    • Lori Schwartz

      I have the exact same intermittent issue with my 2015 Kia Soul+, Dealer cannot find anything wrong. My car only has 7k miles on it and I’m furious.

    • Kia Owner

      Monitor your immobilizer light. It is a symbol on your dash, like your engine light, that comes on when your vehicle recognizes the key used and allows the vehicle to start. If the car doesn’t recognize the key, it will turn over but won’t start. The symbol is a car with a key shape cut out in the middle. When you go to start the car, turn the key into the “ON” position and watch what lights up. If the car/key light is on, start the car. If it doesn’t come on, there is an issue with the immobilizer system (likely the antenna coil) that will need to be addressed.

  • Janice

    Has anyone else noticed just how uncomfortable the seats are in the 2014 Kia Sorento? There is very little support on the bottom, but I do not remember them being like this when I test drove a similar model from the same dealers. Kia has said there is nothing they can do about this, but surely there has to be some sort of manufacturing fault for them to be this bad?

  • Raj

    I have suffered from the Exploding Kia Sunroof issue, but am uncertain as to my next move. Do I go direct to the dealer, or learn more details about a potential class action lawsuit?

  • That Guy

    My wife bought a 2013 Kia Rio and has had nothing but problems with it. Recently tried to get her winter tires switched over to all seasons and the mechanic ended up stripping one of the lug studs because they were so damn rusted. In my opinion this would be a defect from the manufacturer as it should rust that bad. She took it to another mechanic to get this fixed, because Kia are such crooks that they wanted $130 for one stud plus labour (part actually only cost around $10), the mechanic took the wheel off only to find out that the rear driver side caliper is seized and the wheel bearing is shot….WTF!!!! Mechanic called Kia to order the caliper and was told it would cost $430 per caliper so he called another car parts place and the same part is $179. Is this not a warranty issue? Is this not a manufacturers defect? What kind of piece of crap did my wife buy!!! Of course Kia wants nothing to do with these issues even though there has been recalls for the same problem on other models from that year. In my opinion Kia cars are the biggest pieces of crap out there and Kia’s customer service is by far the worst I have ever seen, even worst the dealing with a cable or phone company which doesn’t say a whole lot. I will never ever recommend Kia to anyone not even my worst enemy. By American made cars and save yourself the headaches. Wondering if other people have had the same issue and if there or should be a class action lawsuit against Kia.

  • Rockport Gal

    My 2006 Kia Sedona has a dozen electrical problems, the latest of which is the alarm system in the UNLOCKED vehicle has started randomnly going off several times a day and night. I now have to keep the chipped ignition key in the ignition, all the time. Have had to replace expensive headlight lamps several times, and sliding doors don’t work, period, when temp falls below freezing. I love many things about the van but am now sorry I bought it.

  • leo

    Don’t buy KIA.. I mean it. Terrible cars, full of issues. And the customer service is terrible.

  • John Dunnegan

    Do not trust KIA. Lower control arm snapped on my wife’s 2006 Sedona almost killing her and my daughter. Subsequently damaged both CV axles. This part was recalled twice and KIA failed to notify us either time. After sitting in a shop for 4 weeks, I am finally contacted by Megan in recalls saying that they would not fix the problem. Once again, DO NOT buy a KIA!

  • Brian Ethridge

    Well here is your first report of an accident possibly caused by the steering issue on a KIA Soul 2016. My daughter was traveling in a residential area and the car out of nowhere hits a curb and turns over on its side and slides 15 to 20 feet and the frame cracked in half totaling the vehicle! They are “investigating”.

  • Mary Conlon

    Just replaced brakes and rotors a couple months before, and one side all chewed up already. Mechanic said one of the calibers is frozen. I saw several posts on other sites with this problem, frozen caliber in the KIA Rio’s, mine is a 2012. Is there a recall??

    • frederick

      This is happening with my 2015 sorento. Had the front calipers cleaned….still hearing thumping in the back, so now must have those done. UGH.

  • Dia

    Anyone notice on there kia soul that the entry key clicker will open other kias

  • Marie pryor

    2013 kia rio. Heard rubbing in reverse for about 3 days and took to dealer under warranty. Was told it looked like my car was came from somewhere salty because the back brakes were so rusty. I bought the car from their lot brand new and neither the dealership nor my home are near salt water. I was quoted nearly 1000$ for just rear calipers, roters, and pads, not including 5 hours of labor. I’ve had my car serviced at the dealership every time with a supposed full point inspection so somehow it got this bad between oil changes.

  • Gayle Brand

    In 2011, I bought a brand new Kia Optima. All was well for the first 2 years. Into the 3 year, my battery died. Ok no problem. Replace the battery! Then the ignition switch malfunctioned and the car wouldn’t start (push button). Towed to dealer and they replaced it under warranty. Next the alternator went out. Towed to dealer and they replace it under warranty. The final straw was when something was going wrong with the passenger front end that caused the car to shake at high speeds. I needed to have my oil changed so while the shop was changing the oil, I asked them if they could check out the front end. I was told they’d needed to drop the bottom engine cover to look. Told them nevermind I was leaving there and going to Kia. I marched in there and basically told them they needed to take the car back or I would seek legal council. They convinced me to trade the 2011 Optima in for a 2014 Optima and would ensure my remaining balance on the loan would be paid in full. Not wanting to take the 2011 Optima to another dealership like say Toyota knowing they would give me less than I owed on the car. I didn’t want to be upside down so I agreed to take the 2014 Optima. Now here it is 3 years later, and I have the transmission replaced under warranty (the warranty for that is on 12 mths/12k miles (pretty messed up if you ask me), the A/C compressor replaced under warranty and just last week the engine died mid intersection on a major highway. I have it towed to Kia only to find out the engine seized and needed replacing. They ask me to fax them all my receipts for the oil changes. Thankfully only one shop has ever changed my oil on both the 2011 and 2014 Optima so it was super easy to get copies. The service manager said he would submit all the paperwork and pics of the engine to Kia for approval to get the engine replaced under warranty. He also told me there was no sludge in the when they took off the valve cover and he didn’t see any metal shavings so perhaps it was “just a bad motor”. Kia came back to say they would replace the engine under warranty (37k miles) and would warranty the engine to 10 yrs/120k miles (original warranty). Sounds great right?! He then tells me the engine is on back order and he had no idea when I would have my car back. WTF Kia??? I can’t get rid of the car b/c I owe 18k and KBB says the trade in value is only 9500.00. I will never buy another Kia!! They’ve lost my business forever! Sad part is I love/loved driving the Optima. Very disappointed! Thankfully the gentleman at Greico Kia (Delray Beach, FL) has been awesome! He was upfront and honest with me each and every time I’ve had an issue. Though the first time we met, I let him know then that I had extensive knowledge about cars and simply wouldn’t tolerate any BS! (Who says women can’t stand up for themselves with regards to the automotive industry… lol) I just wished I’d done more research before I bought the second Optima. Shame on me for not doing my homework. Now I just wonder what will break next?!?!?! It’s not a matter of if but when!!

    • lachawkfan

      I had 4 KIA’s and will never buy another after my 2013 Optima has had problems that they cannot figure out.

  • Ruby Maria Watson

    2013 light blow out parking and brakes radio blows out

  • Nancy

    I purchased a used 2015 Kia Optima Ex with 13,000. It now has 15k and transmission went in January. It will not be in until around March 10! Anyone else have this issue? It will be three months without my car and I am making payments on it! This is riduculous, ive never heard of something on backorder for months.

  • Brenda

    My husband called from the driveway to ask why I left my car running. I thought he was joking so I grab the keys and walk outside. Imagine my shock to find that my 2012 kia soul was not only running with the radio blaring and the running lights on, but she also locked the doors and we can’t get them to unlock. The car does not have auto start. She finally quit running but we still can’t get in. All without keys anywhere near the car.

  • Olly

    I have a 2011 Kia Optima EX 2.4L GDI, and its engine recently died on me. I have since learned from the dealer that the engine has blown and even though this is looking like a common issue and was covered under its warranty, I cannot understand why a recall is not in place because there has to be something that is causing these engines to blow?

  • Lisa

    I have just bought a new Kia ceed and only had it a month! Nearly 2 and it takes at lease 6 seconds for it to start.. Any new car should not be having this issue! Have been told today that they can find no problem but it is still doing it! Not at all happy and want this problem sorted!

    • Cynthia Curry

      Your car is elugible for the rules under the Lemon Law . You can file a case with the BBB.

  • NorthEnder09

    I had my 2016 Sportage for 6 months when the engine block broke last October. Took it in for a squeaking noise, and found out that the axle was holding the engine in the car. Took 3 months for the new engine to come in, due to ongoing backorder issues… we had filled out all the paperwork for our state’s lemon law statue, and then miraculously the next day there was an engine for our car. So, I’ve had the car back since December 29, 2016 and today getting off the highway the car shuttered and the UVO informed me there is something wrong with the engine, specifically something wrong with the powertrain when I ran the diagnostics. I’m kind of over this car. It’s a nice car, and I enjoy driving it, but I’m tired of there being issues with it. It’s just a year old now, and I’ve done all the needed maintenance. If this turns out to be another big issue, I’m getting a new car.

  • Val

    Has anyone with a Kia Soul experiencing oil and gas problems? My 2012 Kia Soul is burning lots of gas and oil. There are no leakages. I have 85,000 miles on my car. Kia says it’s carbon buildup from poor gas which is causing the rings to stick. Has anyone noticed this?

  • Cindy

    I have a 2012 Kia soul base 1.6L. I am experiencing some trouble starting issues we’re my car turns over but never starts.Once I got it to start as I was driving I noticed it didn’t feel like it had much power. I noticed I was driving 40 mph yet my RPM gauge was at zero. I’m assuming this is a throttle issue but not sure. Anyone else experience these issues

    • Troy West

      I have h a d th a t problem, its a crankshaft position sensor, you should have a check engine light on though, do you not?, i just got a sensor i ordered off of ebay, i can let you know if it solves the problem

      • Cindy

        Yes! That fixed the issue… It still seems to idle lower than what it should (to me) but I’m not having the start up issue and it’s not dying out on me at red lights anymore. Thanks for the feedback

  • lachawkfan

    My 2013 Kia Optima is having issues in stop n go traffic where, after about a half hour, it starts to run rough and then it eventually won’t go, with the gas pedal to the metal. No engine lights come on. If I turn the car off and back on, it clears up. This has happened 13 times and usually on L.A. freeways. It would probably have happened more but when I feel the engine running rough, I turn it off and back on at the next available stopping point. This has almost gotten me killed several times and the dealer has had it 3 times and cannot find anything wrong with it.

    • Samantha Johnson

      It’s ur coils, my did the same thing. No check engine light ever came on.

  • Hershey Hutton

    Has anyone experienced brake failure in their Kia? i have a 2015 Kia Cadenza which gives braking issues, on occassions, when i hit the brake it gets soft sinks all the way to the ground but vehicle doesnt stop.

    • David Fraser

      Same problem here, it has became more frequent now at 45k. I have a 2015 Soul. What mileage do you have?

  • ED



    Yes hello . Just recently bought a 2013 Kia optima off the lot . Had 59,321 miles on it warranty ran out at 60,000. At 60,243 miles my air conditioner quit working on my way from North Dakota to Mississippi . The a hundred miles later I’m going about 70 mph on interstate started losing power petal to the floor slowed down to a crawl then died . I thought bad gas or clogged fuel injector I put premium in and ran some cleaner helped a little but randomly it does the same thing . That was a month ago . It will crank up after it sits for awhile but if I drive over 20 miles it starts again . No check engine lights . So my car is limited to 10 mile journey at the most . Does anyone have any ideas .

  • Michelle

    Smelly air conditioning. It’s been this way from the beginning. The service department said they changed the air filter and told me to run the heater before turning off my car. Problem not solved.

  • michelle

    Hi, I have a 2010 Kia optima for awhile now the car seemed like it was missing, it would idle hard at stoplights. 2 weeks ago check engine light came on, I took it to autozone and had a computer hooked up, said it was the either the intake or exhaust variable timing solenoid. I replaced intake side ad have ordered the exhaust side. My car is dying and idles really rough, like I mentioned before it will die if rpm falls below 1000. anyone else have this problem and what did you do?

  • Snuffy Gilman

    I have a 2013 Kia Soul ! and have had multiple issues with the sterio. The whole system would shut down or freeze, or there would just be no sound at all and everything else seemed to work. I took it to the dealer about 6 months after getting the car and it was magically working fine again. Then a few months later it started again, and I had it replaced. The new one crapped out too, days after my warenty expired due to my mileage. No sound at all, and factory resetting itself. Because I commute with this car my millage is high even though I haven’t had it that long. So I’m just screwed and have to pay out of pocket.

    On top of this, my left and right break lights went out. I replaced the fuses many times, but they just kept blowing. The dealer says it’s bad bulbs, but I know it’s a short in the wiring harness that they just don’t want to deal with.

    Overall, I’ve had no mechanical issues, but the electrical problems are making me wish I had bought a different car.

  • Tom

    Took 2016 Soul to San Francisco and tried to tune in the Giants game on AM -NOTHING. Thought may be justbthe area, but yesterday went to Los Angeles and was unable to pick traffic report on AM. Dealer saying no issue.

  • Deven

    My sister purchased a 2013 Kia Forte a few years ago. It gave her a lot of problems. Breaks. New lights going out. Altinator going out two times. New battery’s kept going out after about a week. Last night was by far the worst problem she could ever have with that car. A group of her friends went with her to go see a movie when her car started smoking from her air vents. As soon as she put it in park fire stared pouring out of the dash board. Kia apparently had over 87,000 recalls due to fortes smoking and catching fire. She was never informed by anybody. Luckily everyone got out and nobody was in her car when it went up in flames.

  • Sally

    ive got a kia rio. granted its getting old. 55plate. doesnt always recognise the key when put in ignition. have to put it in a few times before the key light comes on and the car will start. any one else had this problem or know what it is

  • Donnie Elmer Pga

    My 2017 Sportage EX leaks water through the drivers side rear door. I have had the drivers side seat bottom replaced twice. My HVAC system does what it wants and locks me out all the time. The car had died while driving down the highway 5 times. The climate control icons come and go from the top bar of the radio, you can change air flow method but don’t know where it’s set at.makes loud noises when turning at slow speeds and hit bumps. The ground electrode was broken off of the #2 spark plug. My charging cable for the UVO hoes bad about once a month. 2017 model with 15,000 miles and started at 3000 miles and Kia says all is normal.

  • Becky

    2014 Kia Soul. It dies at stop signs, rpm even drops and theres no response to pushing the gas pedal, engine just revs. Had it to the dealer and they had it for three weeks. Said the pressure in the fuel pump was the issue, got it back last Thursday. Did it again today, TWICE. WTF?? These people are killing me. Just made the first payment and it’s been in the shop for three weeks. Anyone???

    • Salvador Gutierrez

      Becky, which version is your KIA Soul. Manual or Automatic?

  • WVDawg

    My 2015 KIA Sorento LX for the last month has started to not start. Turn key and everything lights and nothing. No click from starter. Radio works, headlights work. I read that you could get inside and lock doors and that worked for a while. My wife and I got out this past weekend and turned in on, nothing. I locked doors still nothing. Had to drive another vehicle. Got home that night and tried again, nothing. Read somewhere about putting SUV in neutral. Tried that and it cranked right up. So not sure if alarm system is messed up or gear safety switch is not reading SUV is in Park… very frustrating!!

    • wayne

      Have a 2014 Soul with the same issues. Did the same routine for awhile then had to tow it to the dealer. Service writer got it to do the same one time but they say they can’t do anything until the technician sees it. Love the car but will trade it (other than Kia) if they can’t replicate and fix the issue. Afraid it is not reliable on trips anymore.

  • Ann

    I have a kia rio 2015 service engion light came on, code was purge control valve took it to dealer they replace the have an now 8 months later same issues an they are now telling me someone cut the wires but no one has worked on my car but the dealer fishy… has anyone had any ongoing issues with a purge valve?

    • michelle

      I have a 2016 Kia Rio 5 I have a rough idle when stopped at stop lights and particularly when in the Drive mode but at stops. I read that the purge valve can cause this I bought my Kia brand new with 20 miles on it. how long did it take for you to see an engine light on I have taken it to the dealership 5 times and they have had my car a total of 43 days accumulative…… :( my 2010 kia was smoother than this car…….

  • Cassidy Johns

    I just purchased a used 2014 Kia Soul. When I start the car in the morning (only then) and put my foot on the break to put it in reverse or drive the locks start going nuts and the gear shift is locked… won’t do anything but while the foot in on the brake the locks auto lock- unlock- lock repeat. This proceeds until I turn the car off and restart it. WHAT IS THIS ALL ABOUT? It is so disappointing.

  • L. Thompson

    My parents just leased a 2017 Kia Forte. They have had it about 2 months. The very seldom drive it and when they do it is on the hwy. The engine light came on. They took it to the dealership where they got the vehicle from. Today they tell them that they took the panel off where the wiring harness is and it has been cut. They will not cover it. Why would anyone go to the trouble to get under a car(I really don’t see how anyone would fit under the car), remove a panel, and cut the wires into. Also they drove the car 45 miles to take it back to the dealership. How can you drive the car if all the wiring was cut. Has anyone else ever had this problem? The wires are cut straight so I don’t think it was a rodent.

  • Christina Moyer

    I have no check engine light on no battery light no lights on period and I refuses to crack!!! Any ideas!!!!

    2014 Kia Forte

  • Pamela White

    I just bought a 2013 Kia Forte EX a month ago. Since day one I have been complaining to the dealership about the air coming on automatically rather it’s left in the cold or hot position. The air blows full blast when driving. I have directed the air to rear only, on my feet and the air still blows. My mother has a 2017 Kia Forte and her car doesn’t do this. I get headaches and my daughter asthma flares up. Has this happened to anyone and what can I do. I’m getting to the point where i dont want the car.

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