Jeep Grand Cherokee recall notification debated

Ever since Anton Yeltsin’s death after he was crushed by his 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee, many of you have been asking whether the FCA went far enough with the recall notification.

Jeep Grand Cherokee recall notification debated

Some people feel that the FCA is no longer the department they once were, and should be scraped for their incompetence in dealing with this matter. One reason why people are saying this is the fact that the FCA had sent Anton Yeltsin a recall notice a week after his death, which is not on by any standard.

Having said that, owners already knew the risk of this vehicle and should have taken precautions. We know that this is a very sensitive subject, but no matter if your vehicle does not have an issue, you should always make certain the parking break is engaged – it’s what it is there for.

There have since been conflicting reports that the FCA had been served with a class-action lawsuit in death of the young actor, although Automotive News reports that the FCA have said they have relied no such lawsuit.

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