How to check Tesla Model S seat belts yourself

You have to hand it to Tesla Motors, they find one issue with a seat belt in one of their cars in Europe, and they feel it best to issue a recall for all of the Model S vehicles. That is around 90,000 in all because of the fact a seat belt was not fitted to the outboard seat belt pretensioner correctly in that problem car.

How to check Tesla Model S seat belts yourself

Tesla Motors did give Model S owners two options, and those were to either book online for an appointment in one of the Tesla service centers, or to just head down to one of the service centers without an appointment.

However, we have started to learn that more Model S owners have now started to test these belts themselves, as all it requires you to do is use around 80 pounds of force, which most of us can do just by pulling on it.

We have come across a video that explains how you can check Tesla Model S seat belts yourself, so see for yourself here.

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