Honda recalls could cost $35 million in fines

Things seem to be going from bad to worse for Honda because not only have they had to deal with a continued issue with its Fit model, but also an ongoing issue with airbags, which just doesn’t want to go away. The comply has also come under a great deal of pressure, and now the NHTSA has finally started to take action, as there is a possibility that Honda could be fined as much as $35 million.

Honda recalls could cost $35 million in fines

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has started a formal investigation into Honda, to see if they failed to notify the regulators about the deaths related to the Takata airbags installed in its models. This is because the faulty airbags can spray shrapnel at the car passengers.

Japan Times reports that Honda must now produce documents and following that answer questions under oath to the NHTSA. The Government safety body had come under fire in recent weeks for not doing enough during this airbag recall crisis, and so it is better late than never.

The NHTSA seems concerned that Honda failed to report the early warning signs that there were issues with the airbags, something they are legally obligated to do.

Honda will discuss the results of a third-party audit soon, although we still feel as though things will be kept from us, just as they always are.

The Japanese automaker is one of ten car manufactures affected by this mass of airbag recalls, and has even seen them sued by Florida consumers, as they seek damages due to the loss of the value of their vehicles, as they find it much tougher to sell.

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