Honda Pilot paint problems persists, recall has a catch

People still seem to be having paint problems with their Honda Pilot vehicles, and it seems to be an issue that some owners are getting frustrated over, not only with the issue itself, but the small print in the recall. Owners of certain Honda Pilot’s have found white scratches appear on certain panels and while they thought it was down to something brushing past it, they then found this not to be true.

Honda Pilot paint problems persists, recall has a catch

The scratches can be seen more in bright light, and so can look terrible on a sunny day, which is not good news when you consider you should not expect that sort of thing. Thankfully, Honda does have a free defective-paint repair service, which runs for seven years on selected models.

However, there is a catch, as Honda has said this free paint service only applies to certain body panels, and in some cases to those only sold in 25 northern states. That is not the only catch, as not all colors are included either, so if your paint is peeling on a Honda Pilot not on the list, then it is a case of you getting the work done yourself.

Please remember to check with Honda to see if you can get your paint issue resolved, as there is a good chance that Honda never sent out notification letters to all owners affected by poor paintwork.

We would also like to advise you to play hardball, especially as some dealers will try to put the blame on you. We have heard stories of some of them saying the car may have been dirty and someone rubbed past it and scratched the paintwork. What sort of stories have you been hearing about excuses dealers come up with to try and not repair your Honda Pilot paintwork for free?

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