Honda hit hardest by 2014 Takata airbag recall

Honda has been hit hardest by the Takata airbag recall, as they have the highest number of models being recalled due to a faulty inflator, which could go off without notice and shower passengers with shrapnel. This has had a huge impact on the Japanese automaker, as they have cut their sales forecast, as well as delaying the release of new models.


Things are set to get a whole lot worse though, as there is a risk of more recalls related to Takata’s airbags. The reason why is because Honda use this company the most, maybe because it is also Japanese, and the idea of them finding another company at such short notice to fulfill their needs to supply enough airbags is not plausible – at this time anyway.

Most of the recalls have taken place in the USA, although some numbers have now started to spread internationally, with Honda India having to recall three of its models, although we do not know the numbers from European countries, such as the UK.

With the lack of international numbers, the Takata airbag recall for Honda, as well as other automakers is set to get a lot worse in the coming weeks. If you want to leave reports about problems with your Honda, then head to this page on Car Recalls.