Ford’s 2015 Lincoln MKC recall starts February 23

Ford had to issue a recall notice for its 2015 Lincoln MKC because the Push-to Start/Stop button, otherwise known as PTS can be pushed by accident, which in turn will turn the engine off. There is a chance that this could cause a serious crash, there fore a recall is needed.

Ford's 2015 Lincoln MKC recall starts February 23

What makes things worse is the fact that if the engine has been turned off by accident because of the faulty PTS button, then the airbags will not work, or any of the other safety features, such as the belt restraints.

While only a simple issue, the end result could be very bad indeed, as people could be thrown from the car, or your head could hit the dash or steering wheel without any safety features working.

Owners of the affected Lincoln MKC models should hear from Ford very soon and will explain what they plan to do. However, we can tell you that the car manufacturer will relocate the PTS switch and then proceed to reprogram the Powertrain Control Module.

If you have any inquires, then please call Ford on 1-866-436-7332 and quote 14S29, which is the recall number for this particular case. More details on this can be found on the NHTSA website.

Ford does have problems with its vehicles from time to time, more details of which can be found on this page.