The USA Ford car recalls also cover Mercury and Lincoln notices, which can be found with a simple vehicle recall search by vehicle identification number. The majority of auto manufactures include quick VIN search boxes on their website to save time used up by thousands using the phone, especially when major recalls take place across the United States.


This motor company was founded by Henry Ford over 100 years ago, although much has changed in that time with both cars and the company structure. The company headquarters are based in Michigan at the last article update, but the reach of this brand is worldwide in multiple countries.

Like many brands, Ford had been involved in the Takata air bag recall and many others that include fuel line leaks, key issues, corrosion, cooling issues, and much more over the years.

Your vehicle might have problems that are not displayed in any recall just yet, as such you can see updates about issues from Car Recalls readers in the comments below. Remember to leave any Ford car and commercial problems you have right now below, also reach out to official customer service channels on this page as well.

Ford Car Recalls insight up to October 2017

If there's been Ford car recalls in 2017, then customer reports will be found below.

Problems with Ford? Share with Car Recalls readers:

  • Daryl

    I see that the NHTSA is now investigating the 2011 and 2012 Ford F-350, as well as the F-450, and the F-550 Ambulance Package trucks.

  • Pembroke

    The NHTSA is being kept busy with Ford, as they are also looking into an issue with the Electric Power Assisted Steering on the Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ.

  • Buddy

    At least Ford never had any of these airbag issues, although with the current on off switch issue, this can lead to models switching off and in turn stop the airbags from working.

  • Gerrard

    I recently learned that my Ford F-550 could be recalled due to an issue with a malfunctioning sensor. This only affects the Ambulance Package and also includes the F-350 and F-450.

  • Tim

    I recently read that the NHTSA is now looking into how Ford handled the recent recall of its Super Duty Diesel F-Series Trucks. They are to look into whether the car maker went far enough, which could mean an extended recall.

  • Tyne

    The padding on the sides of the seats in my S-Max Zetec have collapsed, is this a common problem?

  • Jerry

    Seems like my Ford Taurus is part of this seat belt fastener recall, what a pain.

  • Jason

    Well it;s official, my Lincoln MKS has a dodgy spring on the interior door handle, and so has been recalled – what a pain.

  • Sly

    Why is my F-150 using a lot more gas than usual?

  • Seth

    I heard there was a recall for my 2012 Ford Mustang due to an issue with its reversing lights, so how come my one still has that issue?

  • Dale

    If I know the steering gear on my Ford Fusion should be replaced as part of a recall, yet Ford say that it is not covered, what should be my next step?

  • Emily

    I have a 2006 Ford Explorer and when i change gear it seems to lunge and jolt forward, and sometimes it just will not engage.

  • Molly

    For some reason the MPG for my 2014 Ford Fusion Hybrid has been steadily coming down, and no there has not been any change on my driving style.

  • Christina

    Not long had this 2002 Ford Explorer, and for some reason the transmission has failed on me. I was told that the transmission had been rebuilt 3 years ago, so how come it has failed once again?

  • Martin

    I have taken my 2012 Ford F-450 back to the dealer on several occasions because the AC is not working correctly, yet all they seem to do is fob me off. You have just lost a customer, as will go for a rival truck next time.

  • Nigel

    Each time I go over a bump in my 2008 Ford Explorer Sport Trac there is a loud clunking sound; has anyone else experienced this before and if so, is it going to be expensive?

  • Eric

    My 2011 Ford Mustang keeps pulling to one side, although only on rough road surfaces. The lower control arm has been replaced, and the wheels have also been realigned, but neither have solved the issue.

  • Joe

    How come I cannot shut down the AC on my 2009 Ford Ranger? I can take the rise out, but the CAN still believes the system is run and so greater reduces fuel consumption.

  • Jake

    Oh dear, the AC on my 2012 Ford F-450 has also stopped working- what is going on with these Ford’s?

  • Mac

    Rust is building up in my 2004 Ford F-550, which has now started to cause a host of other issues. These include the engine running rough, and the rule pump having to be replaced as well, along with the full filter.

  • Miles

    This might not sound like too much of a big deal, but the clock keeps resetting itself in my Ford Fusion Hybrid model. I am hoping this is an isolated issue, and that once I call Ford to get it repaired more problems do not present themselves.

  • Morris

    I can no longer drive my 2013 Ford Explorer because of the horrible odor of exhaust fumes. The smell seems to get much worse when downshifting, and so I took it to the dealer. They said this is the first time they ever had such an issue, and were unable to find the cause.

    What is so annoying is the fact that surely under the warranty, Ford should take more time to try and find this issue and then fix it? Can anyone please help, as I am not getting anywhere with Ford, and you are correct, this is the last Ford I will ever buy.

  • Duke

    I cannot understand how Ford say their F-450 is a Super Duty truck, especially after the radiator on my 2008 model is now leaking just past the halfway point where the plastic seam is. The annoying thing is, it decided to spring a leak just as I was walking past the vehicle with the engine running. I am so glad it happened to me and not one of my children as they were near the vehicle, as I would be having a very different conversation with Ford right now.

  • Mason

    I recently bought a 2013 Ford Explorer and soon found out that there was an issue with its fuel pump, although was told not to worry because it was part of a recall. However, I have done some research and cannot find any evidence to suggest this was the case. This means that I now have to pay out for a replacement file pump.

  • Tom

    My 1995 Ford Bronco is my life in terms of it is my workhorse, but I have started to get annoyed by this constant rattle coming from the dash. There are times when I can even feel the rattle through the floor. Ok, so I know the car is almost 20 years old, but it has now become a right pain to drive and wondered if there was anything I could do to stop it from happening?

  • Olly

    I saw that paint had started to bubble on the front hood on my Ford Explorer, and I knew it was not due to rust because the primer was still visible and in very good condition. I then took it to a garage to see how much it would cost to repair the offending area, and was told the cost would be around $1,000, as the entire hood would need to be resprayed.

    I did not do it right away, and now the peeling has got a whole lot worse, to the fact where I have no other choice but to part with the money. I was thinking of going back to the dealer to complain because surely this should not happen? However, I already know they will just say the car is 10 years old and so out of warranty.

  • Tony

    A warning light appeared on the dash of my 2015 Ford F-250, and right away the engine stalled on me and did not start again. I managed to call Triple A to tow me to the nearest garage. After looking for the problem, they found out the EGR sensor had failed. I am only sharing this in case anyone else has that same issue, as I thought it was a terminal issue with the engine at first.

  • Jacob

    Over the past month or so the automatic transmission on my 2006 Ford Explorer seems to be hesitant. This happens mostly from 2nd to 3rd, where it can often take up to 15 seconds for the transmission to change gear. This is not only annoying, but can be dangerous, as you just don’t know when and even if it will change to the desired gear. What is the first thing I should try to see what is the cause?

  • Julia

    I’m starting to get annoyed because the pull over safely light came on in my 2012 Ford Fusion Hybrid, and while the vehicle does manage to start driving normally after a while, the dealer has not been able to replicate the same issues I am having. They did reprogram a few things, such as the PCM, but the same issue has now come back to haunt me.

  • Walt

    I have a strange issue with the A/C on my 2006 Ford 500, as it only works while the car is in motion. However, I need to have been driving for about 10 minutes at a steady speed before it does so.

  • Elsa

    Most of the paint has now peeled off the roof on my 2004 Ford Explorer, and there is now bubbling on the rear passenger side. I am at a loss as to why this is now happening. I know I have not done anything to cause this, so why is this happening now?

  • Doug

    Seems like the dreaded poor build quality in the Ford Mustang strikes again, as the left and right hand-side door panels have started to peel. I would like to know if this is a one off with this issue, or whether there was ever a recall, as the job is about to cost me $300 to get repaired.

  • Raymond

    Ok, so I know this is an old car, but I love it and cannot part with it. The car in questions is a 1996 Ford Aerostar, and the issue I have is that the drum is stuck, and cannot remove it. Is there a trick I can do in order to get it off?

  • Ian

    Does anyone know if Ford issued a recall for their 2004 F-550, because if so I think I might have the lemon that missed out on the fix? The fuel tank has delaminated, and so means the truck keeps stalling?

  • Jerry

    My Ford F-550 keeps stalling for some reason. I have checked all of the systems that are associated with a vehicle stalling, yet have been unable to find an answer. I had heard somewhere that there had been loads of issues with fuel tanks delaminating, but I would have assumed this issue would have been fixed by the person before me.

  • Luis

    Us it right for a car that only has just over 30,000 miles on it that the radiator gets a crack and begins to leak coolant. What;s worse is the fact that Ford wanted to charge me a fortune, and decided to attempt the job myself, which still cost me more than I wanted to pay, but still managed to save myself more than $600 by doing so.

  • Mike

    The transmission in my 2012 Ford F-250 seems to shift far harder than it should. There are also times when it will even skip a gear.

  • Quincy

    I recently noticed an issue with the throttle on my 2016 Explorer. After a couple of times where I lost the throttle and so started to drift I took the vehicle to my local Ford dealer. I was told it was an issue with my electronic throttle control, and had it replaced free of charge. Now I am not sure how common this issue is, but thought you might want to know for future reference.

  • Jill

    I’m still waiting for Ford to contact me, as I know my 2017 Ford Edge is affected by the upcoming Takata airbag recall.

  • Keith

    Please help, the DOOR AJAR LIGHT STAYS ON on my 2013 Ford Edge. I did take it back to the dealer, where they replaced the latch, but a month later the problem is happening again.

  • Wayne

    Not happy, just learned that my 2017 Ford F-250 has been recalled because there is a possibility that it could roll while in park. The most annoying thing is how Ford has yet to offer much details about when it will start, and what they plan to do.

  • Jane

    Just learned that my 2014 Escape SUV is being recalled due to a risk of fire. Not happy about this, and now refuse to drive it until the issue is resolved.

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