Ford recalls Taurus, Police Interceptor and Transit Connect

We have just learned that Ford has had to issue a recall for three of its vehicles, with two of them being related to the same issue. The models in question are the Ford Taurus and Police Interceptor model years 2010-2013, and also the 2014 Transit Connect. Having said that, the Lincoln MKS is also released to the former two.

Ford recalls Taurus, Police Interceptor and Transit Connect

There are 205,000 of the sedans affected, which were built in the Chicago Assembly plant over the course of several years, December 1, 2009 and November 30, 2012 to be exact. 194,889 of these were sold in the States and the reason for the recall is due to a problem with the spring controls on the interior of the door handles. It is reported that there is a chance the door could open if involved in a side-impact.

As for the Transit Connect, 16,100 of these that were assembled between November 6, 2013 and September 20, 2014 at the plant in Valencia, Spain. They have an issue with their seatbelt fasteners, and so there is a possibility that they were not correctly tightened.

Thankfully, there have not been any reports of accidents or injury, and so Ford will contact affected owners for an inspection and to be replaced for free, but only if necessary. More details on this can be found on the Ford Press website.

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