Ford reacts to airbag recall fiasco and drops Takata

While it is the turn of VW to come under the spotlight because for a certain issue that will lead to a huge number of recalls, this does not even compete with the airbag recall fiasco over the past couple of years. This ran into tens of millions of vehicles having to be recalled, and so many carmakers have started to make changes.

Ford reacts to airbag recall fiasco and drops Takata

As a result of the airbag recall fiasco, Ford has reacted in the best way they see fit, and that is to drop Takata as an airbag supplier.

The automaker is to now start working with another supplier for its new models. having said that, Ford is to still use Takata for other components.

In all, Ford has had to recall 1,509,535 vehicles worldwide, which is one of the smaller numbers, and so gives you an idea as to the scale of the problem.

Takata has currently been fined $70 million in the US because of this, although that figure could rise. This is surely the reason why Volkswagen are trying to keep the US sweet and compensation affected owners?

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