Ford announces two separate recalls, no date set

Oh dear, Ford has announced two new recalls, the first is to do with the Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan sedans, and the other just a very small number of F-650 trucks.

Ford issues two separate recalls, no date set

The first recall affects more than 450,000 of those sedans built between July 21, 2008, and March 4, 2011. The reason for this is due to an issue with their canister purge valve, which is inside the full tank.

There is a fear that they could malfunction, and possibly cause the top of the tank to crack, and in doing so full could spill out. It is clear that this is a fire hazard, and so Ford will need to inspect the tanks and replace if needed.

As for the second recall, this is just for 13 F-650 trucks – yes you read that correct. There is a chance that the column shifter’s park position mechanism may fracture, and if this were to happen, the truck could roll away without warning. Affected models were built between July 29 and September 3, 2015. In order to fix this issue, Ford will need to replace the steering column and reconfigure the instrument panel.

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