Ford issues for separate recalls, different models affected

Ford has issued six different recalls at the right time because the media attention will be far less then normal, as VW is getting the main part of that. This new recalls involves 381,633 vehicles in all for North America, with the largest affecting 342,271 units.

Ford issues for separate recalls

Ford is to recall the 1998-2003 Windstar so they can check an earlier recall, as there is a fear that corrosion and stress could lead to cracks appearing in the rear axle.

Next is the Ford F-150 recall, which affects 36,857 of the 2015 model. There is an issue with its adaptive cruise control system, as the radar could get a reflective signal sent back to the system if passing a large truck.

There is also the 2016 F-53 and F-59 being recalled because the truck can shift into reverse without the driver applying their foot on the brakes.

2016 Fusion and Lincoln MKZ is to also be recalled due to a manufacturing issue with the fuel tank, which could crack if in a crash.

A small number of 2015 Taurus and Lincoln MKS models, as well as 2016 Explorer also have an issue with their fuel tanks, but because of their retaining bolts.

The final recall is for the 2001-2008 Escape and Mercury Mariner because the shift lever on their remanufactured transmission was not tightened properly. For full details on all these recalls head to Ford’s Press page. For all other issues with Ford vehicles pleased visit our dedicated page.