Dodge Charger model years affected by airbag recall

We are only a few days into August 2015 and there have already been several car recalls announced, the latest of which is for the Dodge Charger. The reason for this recall is not anything to do with it being hacked, or any brake issues, but rather the return of an old friend, an airbag problem.

Dodge Charger model years affected by airbag recall

The Dodge Charger airbag recall is nothing to do with Takata, but something completely different. It would seem that the control module for the airbag is a bit too sensitive, and as such could deploy the side-curtain airbag, as well as activate the seatbelt pretensioner if the door were to be kicked a little too hard.

The Dodge Charger model years affected by this new recall are 2011 to 2014, built between May 6, 2010, and June 5, 2014. In all there are to be 284,153 units recalled in the US, 13,169 in Canada, 2,484 in Mexico and also a further 22,272 overseas.

This is a very similar issue for when the Ram trucks were recalled last week, and so is yet another headache for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. As a warning you are being asked to be careful when you close your door, as this could also trigger the system.

For full details on this new Dodge Charger recall please visit the NHTSA website.