Rather than looking for Chrysler recalls by VIN number, you can access outstanding recall information for U.S. and Canada on this official support page. We haven’t found Chrysler to be the best brand in terms of providing access to news on the latest USA car recalls, although there is plenty of customer service using social channels like Twitter.


If you want to learn more about USA Chrysler car recalls, or gain support from a community with this brand of vehicle then use the details on this page. You can find the latest news on recalls below the discussion area, or join in with Chrysler problems being reported below.

At the time of writing, Chrysler is owned by Fiat but still known worldwide as a long-standing American automobile manufacturer. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has had a few recalls hit the headlines, which included SUVs and heavy-duty pickups along with many models for the Takata airbag recall.

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  • Ricky

    Think it is strange how Chrysler is being told to step its efforts up in recalling its Jeep vehicles. This is not filling me with confidence.

  • Jack

    I’ve also had the problem with electrical malfunctions on my 2014 Jeep Cherokee, but I will not suggest there are demons like various Canadian news outlets have.

  • Maddy

    My 2008 Chrysler Grand Voyager seems to have developed a fault with its radio, for some reason it comes on, and then turns off right away. What could be causing it?

  • Chris

    I currently have a 2007 Chrysler Sebring, and each winter it will not go over 15 to 20 mph, it is as though the engine has gone into some sort of safe mode. Has anyone else had such an issue?

  • Janice

    The brakes on my 2007 Chrysler Sebring are not working as they should because in order to get to to come to a complete stop, I have to push the pedal flat to the floor.

  • Derek

    I have a 2005 300C and its calling system is not working how it should and as such a lightning bolt light appears on the dash. I’ve changed the thermostat, along with several other procedures,yet the issue still remains.

  • Wilson

    Does anyone have any idea where to get a 300c Satnav repaired, as I keep getting the same fault message, which says ‘disk reading error’?

  • Paula

    I’ve been having several problems with my 2010 Chrysler Grand Voyager, but the biggest issue seams to be with the heater. For some reason it no longer gets hard, instead it blows out warm air.

  • Quincy

    Cannot believe my 2010 Chrysler Town is having to be recalled because of a faulty ignition.

  • Nick

    The headlight on my 2004 Chrysler Sebring sedan seems to be very dim. I changed the bulk, yet it remains the same, what could be the cause?

  • James

    When I bring my 2008 Chrysler Sebring to a stop the engine cuts out. It does not happen all the time, but when it does it is mostly in cold weather conditions.

  • Jenny

    I’ve had the brakes on my 2001 Chrysler neon checked several times by various garages, yet there is still a horrible noise coming from them. How can this happen when no issue she been found?

  • Diane

    One of the headlights on my 2003 Chrysler Intrepid keeps frosting up. Is there a seal that could be replaced, or will have have to buy a whole new unit?

  • Sarah

    The remote transmitters on my 2005 Crossfire no longer work. I have replaced the batteries, but no luck. I have heard there is a way you can reprogram them, but would this work?

  • Don

    There is a strange smell coming from the interior of my Chrysler Neon. I am not sure where it is coming from, but surely it has to be a leak and staging water is causing it?

  • Terry

    My 1990 Chrysler Imperial is not the lovely vehicle it once was, because over the past few months it has developed a series of electrical problems. This all stemmed from a few wires on the mirror light burning, which then spread down to the relays and switches.

    Now, the speedo will not work,, and neither do the lights. Do you think this is a job I could handle myself, or should I leave it to the professionals – or maybe it might be worth just scrapping the thing now?

  • Deepak

    After my Chrysler Sebring hit over 100,000 miles the crank seal decided to part ways with the engine. I then had the engine repaired and in less than a thousand miles the same thing happened. Has anyone else had any experience with this?

  • Max

    There is a horrible knowing noise coming from the engine when my 2008 Chrysler Intrepid is idling. The car runs like a dream while being driven, it’s just this horrible knocking noise that is putting me off. I now fear that if I took it to a dealer it I could end up paying a small fortune.

  • Marcus

    I do not think Chrysler did a great job when designing the lights for their 200 model, as the vision at night is impaired to say the lest, and have to keep using high beam in order to see where I am going. This can become a bit if an issue when cars keep coming towards you on winding rural roads. Do you think there is anything Chrysler can do, or should I consider after market bulbs to help?

  • Wayne

    The tyre valve sensor on my 2008 Chrysler Grand Voyager has been replaced five times now. Thankfully the first few were covered under warranty, but the others since has come out of mu pocket, which I am unhappy about. With this becoming a regular issue there has to be something wring with their design or something?

  • Samuel

    My 2000 Chrysler Cirrus 2.5 V6 engine keep stalling and also idles erratically. I have since replaced the fuel filter and full pump thinking this would solve the issue, but was wrong. I have since changed the plugs and leads, but still the problem persists. I have tried taking it to the garage, but when I do the problem tends to not show up, which I find very strange. Please help.

  • Logan

    I’ve never had an issue with automatic transmission ,that was until I bought myself a 2002 Chrysler Intrepid. Every time the car has to shift into 2nd gear it is a hard shift, which can be very uncomfortable. The dealer said that this is normal, so if this is the case, then surely there should have been a recall on this?

  • Dale

    Everything electrics wise has been changed on my 1992 Chrysler LeBaron, yet the car still chugs along and lacks power. And I have also changed the cat, yet the problem still persists. Does anyone have any suggestions at all?

  • Stevie

    I’m not sure if Chrysler are aware, but I’m sure they are because corners have been cut when its comes to certain areas of the PT Cruiser. They should consider recalling the vehicle to fix the issue with the wheels on the 2002 model. I paid a lot of money for these wheels as an optional extra, yet the chrome is peeling from all four of them. Surely this is nothing I have done and a manufacturing fault?

  • Melanie

    The fog lights will not turn off on my 2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser. I can overcome this by pushing the switch toward the steering wheel, although I have to keep the switch pressed otherwise the lights come straight back on again.

  • Ralph

    The auto locks no longer work on my 2003 Chrysler Intrepid, and the annoying thing is, I have checked the fuses, and they are ok, which means I now have to start digging a little deeper – unless any of you have any ideas?

  • Wilson

    I am now worried because I did not know my Chrysler Intrepid had run out of oil, which did surprise me, seeing as though it had a service 4,000 miles ago. Even though filled it with oil again, the engine is making loud noises, there is also blue smoke coming from the exhaust – what sort of damage has been done?

  • Josh

    I am not happy because I have serious engine damage because the oil and temperature light on my 200 Chrysler Intrepid never came on. I later found out that a relay had gone without my knowledge, so this comes as a warning to anyone else out there.

  • Joey

    What would cause the heater fan on my Chrysler Sebring to only operate on the highest speed setting? I also have a friend who has the very same issue, which is a bit strange.

  • Merv

    I cannot understand why the engine on my Chrysler Town&Country keeps cutting off. This often happens several times while driving it, and the dealer has been unable to find the cause of the issue.

  • Jack

    My Chrysler Citrus keeps stalling, and so change the pigs and points, yet it still does it. I have also replaced the fuel pump and still doing the same thing. Please help.

  • Kay

    Paint on the front edge of my Chrysler Pacifica hood has started to bubble and has now become very noticeable. I have no idea what the cause is, so does anyone know if this is a common issue?

  • Oscar

    I have taken my Chrysler Sebring back to the dealer several times now because of squeaky brakes, yet all they keep telling me is that there is nothing wrong. I have since been told by another garage not linked to Chrysler that they could remove the rear drums and clean them up, although could not guarantee that the squeak would go away.

    Surely there is something else I can do to finally get rid of that annoying noise?

  • Doug

    So I am driving down the road and the airbag light in my 2002 Chrysler Voyager came on, and the car kept beeping to tell me that the light was on. I have been told that this could be a costly job, and so I am still driving around with this issue. Does anyone know if this is a common fault, and if so, is there a cheaper option?

  • Jason

    The heater no longer works on the passenger side of my 2012 Chrysler 200. The issue I have is that the dealer said it’s a common issue and will cost by a little less than $1,000 to repair – but if the is such a common issue, then why is there not a recall?

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