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BMW USA were involved in the car recalls for Takata air bags that impacted many brands, but the company itself has also seen the X5 recalled due to faulty child-safety locks, an engine bolt recall, brake failures, tire issues, and more. This might involve multiple countries and not just USA.


As we have mentioned with many brands, not all problems become a major recall, or even minor recall. Some patterns can be seen before BMW would issue a new recall, so if you have a fault then leave the make and model below in our reports section.

You might even see some of the problems your BMW vehicle has already mentioned by Car Recalls readers. Take a look at current status reports, or leave details and reply to issues. The official customer service channels can be seen to the right, which include direct contacts along with social channels.

BMW Car Recalls insight up to October 2017

If there's been BMW car recalls in 2017, then customer reports will be found below.

Problems with BMW? Share with Car Recalls readers:

  • Ally

    The wipers on my 2012 3-Series Diesel are no longer working how they should when set on the stop/start function.

  • Freddie

    When I push the button to lower the roof on my 1989 BMW 328i Convertible, the roof will only go halfway and then stop, after which the light just keeps blinking.

  • Michael

    Has anyone else had an issue with their 2000 roadster 2.8 Z3 not being able to start?

  • Travis

    I have an oil leak on my 2008 BMW 535xi, and it would seem I am not the only one.

  • Eddy

    Finally got my charger replaced for my BMW i3, now there is not problem when going for a fast charge.

  • Coal

    I want to know the most common problems with BMW 7 series, mines been a nightmare.

  • Mark

    I’ve had BMW transmission, electrical, and engine problems with my 3 series. Wont be getting a BMW again, that’s all I can say.

  • David

    For months now I have had an issue with the mirrors and pre-set stations on my 2013 320i, as they seem to change each time i get in the car, and after a while will revert to those that I had set.

  • Jerry

    My 2008 320d touring msport has issues starting, sometimes it takes a while to start, while others it will not even turn over on the first try. What could be causing this?

  • James

    My 5-Series has now developed the dreaded high pressure fuel pump problem.

  • Toby

    When i accelerate slowly in my 525d 3.0td 2008 the car starts to struggle, but when I push the pedal down hard there is no such issue, what could be the cause?

  • Mark

    Over the past few weeks I have been experiencing intermittent issues with the power steering on my 2003 BMW 325. I recently heard that this is a common issue, so what can I do to stop this from happening?

  • Nigel

    In the past few days I have had a few electrical issues on my BMW e39 530d sport touring, the fist is with the central locking not working while using the key and the second an error message saying the air suspension is inactive. Could both these issues be linked?

  • Martin

    I’d say i’m lucky to be the proud owner of a BMW i8, but there are a few issues, one of which is with the auto door, as it will not open. Has anyone had this issue and is there an easy solution before booking an appointment with my BMW dealer?

  • Darren

    Every time I drive my 2008 BMW M3 there is a strange clicking sound coming from the clutch, and today when I got in the car, the clutch became stuck. I have been told by a friend that it is a broken pressure plate, if so is this an expensive fix?

  • Peter

    Has anyone else noticed that the 2014 BMW X1 rattles far more than you would expect from a German made vehicle?

  • Mandy

    There have been occasions that when trying to accelerate in my 2012 BMW X3 the engine stalls, although luckily each time this has happened it was a on a quiet road with no other vehicles around. However, I now worry that it could happen on a busy road. Has anyone else had this issue?

  • Mark

    The battery on my BMW 530 keeps draining, and before anyone asks, yes the alternator is fine and is pumping enough power to the battery.

  • Jake

    Why is it that the engine keeps stalling on my 2013 BMW X3? There have been times when I go to accelerate and the vehicle just stalls. I can see that someone also had an issue with their 2012 model as well, so this seems to be a common issue.

  • Ashton

    I recently had to change the high pressure fuel pump on my 2008 BMW 535. I have heard this is a common issue: is this true because if so you might want to think about that before buying one of these cars?

  • Tony

    All has been fine with my 2002 BMW 540, and then one day a clicking sound started to come from the rear with no warning whatsoever. Since then the sound is always there, no matter what speedI drive at.

  • Matt

    There are times when my 2002 BMW 310 seems to hesitate when trying to put go faster, and when I put my foot on the brake the rev counter drops all of a sudden and the engine cuts out. I have since taken the car to two garages, both of which gave me different answers. One said the coils need to be replaced, while the other suggested that a breather pipe was the case – so which should I try first?

  • Harry

    The piston head on my 2011 BMW 528 has cracked and now black smoke has started to come out. Just before this happened the car started to shake very badly as though I was driving over a cattle grid. The strange thing is, there was no warning sigh the engine just designed it had had enough one day and decided to call it a day.

    I have since had the car taken apart and the guy that checked it over said it was a manufacturing defect, and so contacted BMW around 6 months ago, yet I have yet to hear back from them.

  • Phil

    The navigation system in my 2003 BMW 325 no longer works. I now have a feeling that maybe its software needs to be updated. Do I have to use BMW to do this, or is there a way I can update the BMW navigation software myself?

  • Josh

    Four tires in two years, but not all at the same time. These are low-profile run flats that I have on my 2012 BMW 650, and I can safely say are the wort tires I have ever had on a car. The two rear tires run out after doing less than 16,000 miles, and so the next time I will be sticking normal ones on their in the hope and improving the life of a tire.

  • Daryl

    I started to notice a horrible smell in my 2003 BMW 530 and I think I have now found the reason, the carpets are wet. There are no holes on the floor pan, which I never expected anyway, and so thought I would take the door cards off each door. I noticed that the vapor barrier was loose on one door where it meets the B-pillar, and so now assume that water has been getting in that way. I now have to remove it all, which means trying to remove the old Butyl seal, cleaning the area and then repair it all myself.

    If you have noticed water on your carports, then this is one thing you should really try. But just remember, you will be better off buying 3M 3/16 bead of new Butyl tape, as you know this stuff will not be easy to peal away like what BMW had used in the first place.

  • Owen

    When the engine on my BMW 323 is at either 700rpm or 1,400rpm there is a very strange rattle from the AC compressor. The strange thing is, the sound does not happen when the engine is revving at any other speed.

  • David Roberts

    The dashboard nav direction on my wife’s 2014 BMW 328i often displays a different – usually opposite – direction to our destination from the nav console direction. The dealer says they can find nothing wrong, but the problem persists. Any ideas what we should do? Thanks.

  • Gerogio

    Please help, the battery in my BMW 530 keeps being drained by the Final Stage Resistor because it will not shut down even when the engine is turned off, meaning air is still slowing. This has led me to replace the battery now while I try to find a solution myself, but think I might have to take it to a BMW dealer – unless anyone on this community can help?

  • Jenson

    The check engine light on my BMW X3 came on, and since then cylinders 6 and 3 have started to misfire. I have since made repairs, but now there is a strange noise coming from the engine – what can it be, as I know I did not do anything wrong with the repair?

  • Joey

    The heated seat on my 2007 BMW X3 got so hot that it burned my bottom. There was a smell of smoke first, and then this hot pain on my bottom. I turned it off and rove home, and it was only when I got off the seat that I noticed a burn hole on the seat. The car is out of warranty, but do you think this is an issue BMW are aware of?

  • Mary

    How come the heater on my 2006 BMW 325 seems to take ages to get warm? I have tried all the different heater settings, yet it still refuses to warm as quick as I feel it should.

  • Nigel

    What can keep making the alternator on my 2003 BMW 325 keep failing? I have now had to replace the alternator three times, and wondering when the next time will be.

  • Jake

    I’m trying to open the trunk to replace the battery in my 2003 BMW 525, but am unable to open it. I am not sure why this is, but wondered if there was another way to open the trunk?

  • Charlie

    There is a loud clunking noise coming from the rear end of my BMW 540. I don’t want to take it to a garage until I can learn what the issue is, as I have been scammed so many times before.

  • Darnell

    The engine bolts have become loose on my 2008 BMW X3 and feel that this is a very serious safety issue. What would happen if the engine came away from its engine mounts? This would surely see the loss of control, or maybe something even worse.

  • Mary

    I cannot understand why the brakes in my BMW X5 are starting to vibrate and grind when braking hard. The rotors and pads were changed just over a year ago, and were also genuine BMW parts. I do not drive like and idiot, and have only done just over 6,000 miles since they were changed. I have heard that they could have become overheated, but how can this happen?

  • Hannah

    While driving my 2011 BMW X5 the engine warning light came on and it stalled. However, I was able to restart it and carry one driving. However, a few days ago it happened again, but only this time I was unable to re-start the car. I waited for around 10 mins and was able to restart it, although it was constantly jerking and spluttering, and had remained like that since.

  • Jules

    Has anyone heard from BMW about the i3 REx recall, as I have yet to hear anything. It’s a bit worrying considering that a vapour leak could cause a fire.

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