BMW motorcycle recall for March, 2015

Ok, so we know that this is nothing to do with a car recall, but it still affects a brand that is more known for its cars. A few days ago BMW had to issue a recall for 40,000 of its motorcycles because of an issue with its rear flange, which if left could cause the brakes to fail, or worse, the wheel could completely fall off.

BMW motorcycle recall for March, 2015

BMW motorcycle models and years affected – If you own a 2005 to 2011 popular R 1200 GS and R 1200 GS Adventure motorcycle, or even one of its R 1200 RTs, then there is a good chance that it could have a defective part on it.

The German automaker has been reluctant to share many more details on this issue, but from what we currently know, the rear flange could develop a hairline crack, which over time could become worse, and cause the issue that we mentioned above.

While BMW announced this recall in March, it is not expected to start until April 21st, although if you do worry that you could have one of these affected bikes, then please visit the BMW website.

Do you have an issue with your BMW, if so please share it with out readers, who knows, they might be able to help.