BMW buckles, issues N63 Customer Care Package

There has been a serious issue with certain BMW engines for some time now, yet the carmaker seemed to refuse there was any problems. However, following an increased amount of people suffering from reliability issues with these engines, BMW had no choice but to relent and announce a recall.

BMW buckles, issues N63 Customer Care Package

N63 Customer Care Package – The engine in question is the N63 4.4-liter V8 version, which seemed to suffer from poor performance, and so BMW had to buckle to pressure in the end. Many of the affected engines would often start to perform very badly even before they managed to hit 20,000 miles.

BMW’s new recall will involve the check of the timing chain to see if it has streched, and if so they will proceed to replace it. The company will also replace the fuel injectors, engine vacuum pump, mass air flow sensors, battery, fuel injectors, low pressure fuel sensor and the crankcase vent lines, although only if required.

That is not all, as BMW will half the service interval on the N63 engine to every 12 months or 10,000 miles. Even if your model of BMW with the engine has passed its warranty period, it will still have this work done free of charge. That is not all, as the German car manufacturer will supply you with the same sort of car or better.

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