Awaiting 2015-2016 Mercedes recall notification schedule

Mercedes-Benz has issued a recall for certain 2016 models, although they have yet to share details on a notification schedule. Having said they, we doubt affected owners will have to wait long, seeing as though it is not an issue that requires a huge amount of time to fix.

Awaiting 2015-2016 Mercedes recall notification schedule

The latest Mercedes recall covers several 2016 and 2015 model, these are the E350, E400, E400 4Matic, as well as the E63-4M S AMG. There are also a few 2015 models as well, which are the CLS400, CLS400 4Matic, CLS550, CLS63-4M “P” AMG, and CLS550 4Matic.

What has caused this new Mercedes recall? There is an integral steel cable that keeps a rubber seal tight to the bulkhead; well this may have been damaged because of the supplier rework of the seal itself.

There is a chance that the seal could become stuck and then fall into the engine, which is a huge issue if it falls on to the hot engine. Mercedes have yet to contact affected owners, but if you are worried, then please call 2015080001 or 1-201-573-5339.

If you have any other Mercedes problems you wish to discuss, then you can do so on our dedicated page.