2015 Honda Crosstour recall begins Jan 9

It was a tough year for Honda, as they were the biggest car manufacturer affected by the airbag recalls, and it seems things have not got off to a great start this year either, as they have announced a 2015 Honda Crosstour recall for the hatchback version.

2015 Honda Crosstour recall begins Jan 9

Even though there are just 1,252 models affected by this latest recall, it still keeps adding to the ever-growing total. This latest round of recalls for Honda is to begin on January 9, which is this Friday.

The problem – Honda will need to replace one or both side curtain airbags, which is nothing to do with the larger problem of faulty airbag inflators. There is a fear that there could have been an issue in the manufacturing process of these airbags, and as a result may not inflate correctly.

While there is a risk of being injured, there have been no reports of injury, which is great news. Thankfully, the issue was found while undergoing quality control, and so we can only assume that Honda never received any complaints.

If you are concerned that you are affected, then please call Honda service on 1-310-783-2000. We know the Japanese carmaker has not had a good track record of late, and so we ask that you check out more news reports on our main Honda page.