Acura car recalls will involve looking at dedicated websites for the brand along with tapping Honda resources.



Buick isn't one of the most popular auto brands, but there's still car recalls taking place for numerous problems.



Most Cadillac car recalls will be covered by the USA General Motors brand with support gained through a vehicle identification number (VIN) online tool.



Much like other brands within the GM company, Chevrolet car recalls will be covered under the very same Recall Center and this aids in VIN lookups for problems you already know about.



If you want to learn more about USA Chrysler car recalls, or gain support from a community with this brand of vehicle then use these details.

Common Kia problems


The majority of common Kia problems like starting your car won't be covered under new recall notices, although that doesn't mean your auto issues shouldn't be shared with other owners.

Common problems with Infiniti


Some common problems with Infiniti cars won't make it as a USA recall, or in most markets, but they can still be just as frustrating.

Common Volkswagen problems


It's no secret that the auto industry has seen records broken with USA car recalls in recent years and Volkswagen wasn't isolated from the problems.



Today, Dodge is part of the Chrysler Group LLC that's listed as a division of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.



The USA Ford car recalls also cover Mercury and Lincoln notices, which can be found with a simple vehicle recall search by vehicle identification number.

GMC problems


GMC recalls will be less about cars and more focused on trucks, sport utility vehicles, vans, and a mix of commercial and pickup trucks for retail.

Honda problems and complaints


Honda Motors problems and complaints are shared by owners on this page along with the latest recalls with official updates.



HUMMER problems can range from full blown recalls in the USA and worldwide, or to slight defects with vehicles under the HUMMER brand that include trucks, luxury SUVs, and SUTs.

Hyundai Problems


Hyundai problems will diverse greatly based on model, so this could have included transmission problems with Hyundai's Santa Fe in the past to detaching shift cable issues on Sonatas.

Jaguar notices and problem check


Jaguar common problems range from turbo related faults to starting issues for different models that include the X-type. Not all common Jaguar problems receive recall notices.

Jeep problems


Consumer common Jeep problems by year can be tracked with the feedback left by Car Recalls readers, or by taking a look at official recall news on our website.

Land Rover

Land Rover

Recalls for Land Rover vehicles in the USA will be pretty rare, or shall we say it has been for their off-road vehicles and luxury SUVs in the past.

Lexus common problems


Common Lexus problems will in certain cases lead to a worldwide USA recall and this is why Lexus vehicle owners like to share their complaints with others to bring awareness.

Mazda USA problems

Mazda USA

The latest Mazda USA car recalls and most common problems can be found on this page thanks to owner complaints along with recall news from NHTSA.

Mercedes-Benz problems listed


Mercedes-Benz is marketed to the USA consumer and they will be included in recalls on occasion that can be tracked by VIN, NHTSA recall news, and also by following official Twitter and Facebook accounts.

MINI USA problems


The MINI USA brand is owned by BMW Group and will run into problems like many other automakers, although MINI car recalls haven't been as widespread and in fact are extremely rare.

Nissan VIN search and problems


The Nissan car recalls for airbags became one of the most concerning for consumers, although there's been plenty of other problems with Nissan vehicles that may have made a recall notice as well.

Porsche problems and recall check


Porsche problems have been evident in recent years with a recall check revealing official news by VIN and defects reported by car owners.

Problems with Audi


Audi car recalls will stretch around the world in some cases and problems might be related to certain countries only.

Problems with BMW Series


BMW USA were involved in the car recalls for Takata air bags that impacted many brands, but the company itself has also seen other faults in the past.

Problems with RAM Trucks

RAM Trucks

You might have had problems with Dodge trucks in the past, although this brand is commonly known as RAM Trucks since 2010 with problems being directed to the Fiat Chrysler group.

Problems with Toyota?


Do you have problems with your Toyota car? Common issues include starting your vehicle, transmission defects, battery problems, and some extreme engine faults.

Subaru complaints, problems and VIN check


Problems with Subaru cars have mirrored those of other auto brands like transmission and head gasket complaints, although in terms of Subaru recalls things look a little different.

Tesla Motors problems


Problems with Tesla Motors might be expected by those holding back on purchasing an electric vehicle, although this wouldn't be the case if a recall is issued due to a widespread problem.



Volvo car problems take different troubleshooting techniques to solve in many cases, although faults can led to the Volvo corporation issuing a car recall in more extreme cases.